Spaceheads and Max Eastley / Time of the Ancient Astronaut
Album: Time of the Ancient Astronaut   Collection:General
Artist:Spaceheads and Max Eastley   Added:Jul 2001
Label:Bip Hop  

Recent Airplay
1. Dec 26, 2002: Cynosure
Interstellar Escalator
3. Aug 23, 2001: Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise
Generator X, Invisible Nature
2. Aug 27, 2001: The Awesome Power of a Fully Operational DJ
Interstellar Escalator

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-08-08
Spaceheads. This is some great tripped-out instrumental ambient-experi-mental performed live in studio w/ treated trumpet, metal, drums and an assortment of other sources. Really just several tracks that ebb and flow, evolve and devolve. Nothing harsh and crazy (except maybe 6, 8), but certainly not Windham Hill. A collaboration of the usually upbeat and whacked out Spaceheads. All really great! 1) slow build of min noise w/ echoey trumpet up front, tribal drums appear slowly and fade, turns dreamy and into next track 2) dreamy quiet ambience w/ spacey synth wails and squeaking metal 3) the echoey trumpet returns w/ various percussion tones, intensity builds then drum kit appears 4) cymbal noises and trumpet, brief 5) waves of trumpet and low end w/ drum and cymbal rolls give way to deep echoey spacey tones 6) quickly builds to very intense echoey spaciness, like old pink floyd, picks up a subtle beat, ends abruptly 7) trippy electronic feel, heavy treatments of min metal sounds, blippy, voice-like flute tones enter and things get weird and louder 8) trumpet and drum loud free-jazz fest, crazy but still treated 9) chill looped trumpet and lush ambience, ends on build into next track 10) chuggin train beat feel, strange metallic noises fill, loud low feedback at end, returns to ambience 11) upbeat jazzy drums, more Space-heads-like, rockin weirdness w/ excellent sterio imaging and trippy trumpets.

Track Listing
1. Black Drop of Venus, the   6. Interstellar Escalator
2. Life Without Gravity   7. Hubble Bath
3. Ghosts   8. Hail Bop
4. Air As Matter   9. Invisible Nature
5. Old Moon in the Young Moons   10. Generator X
  11. Ancient Astronauts