Wolf Eyes / Wolf Eyes
Album: Wolf Eyes   Collection:General
Artist:Wolf Eyes   Added:Jul 2001
Label:Bulb Records  

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Heartbeat City
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My House, Your Box
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Give It Up
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Heartbeat City
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These Girls of Mine
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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-08-17
This my "dj review" of this (great!) album:

Wolf Eyes. The same freaky label that brought us Quintron lays another fine specimen on us. Way wacked noisy synths, minimal rhythms but lots o’ noise. “Vocals” are heavily treated, flange-phased and low in the mix. Righteous stuff. For fans of Quintron, Culturcide, Caroliner, old noisy Cab Voltaire. 1) ca. 2 min electronic synth noise intro breaks into mechanical electro beat w/ noisy buried vocs 2) very slow electrobeat w/ random synth bursts buried heavily treated vocs 3) mid-upbeat electro feel lots of treatments 4) big beat drum machine, cleaner electronics but still noisy as all hell 5) slower, minimal 6) very slow casio beat, min organ and electro smatterings, “vocs” 7) rhythmic, heavy guit, this one actually rocks in a fucked up sludgy way 8) excellent lo-fi: noise, vocs/synth based, brief 9) slow simple beat, high range painful noisy synths, buried vocs come in 10) simple upbeat, dirty guit and vocs up in mix, still noisy 11) quick blippy loopy harsh synth noises, beats appear, disappear, totally schitzo 12) slow twisted organish noisefest 13) upbeat electro-noise, poppy 14) noise fest w/ voice, harsh and synthy 15) slow-mid simple beat w/ overdriven lo-end synth and loopy blippy synths and harsh vocs

Track Listing
1. Heartbeat City   8. Intermission
2. Give It Up   9. Give It Up
3. Black Rows   10. Imagine Yourself As Me
4. When I Get Back   11. Sweet Scene
5. Damzel   12. Tryin' Times
6. Black Is Back   13. Rich and Healthy
7. These Girls of Mine   14. Earthmaker
  15. My House, Your Box