Various Artists / Hum Along with the Vac
Album: Hum Along with the Vac   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jul 2001
Label:Mother of All Music  

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Phinneas P. Gage
2. Sep 17, 2001: The Awesome Power of a Fully Operational DJ

Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2001-08-11
Hum along w/the vacuum cleaner. decent collection of rock tracks from Minneapolis. 1.kinda rockabilly, stop/start, California song, good. 2.Arty rock, driving rhythm, guitar lots of cymbals indistinct vocals, good. 3.ok slower rock song, sounds like a man with a message. 4.emo? I like the drumrolls. 5.happy sounding pop-rock 6.some weird chord changes. not sure what I think after the first listen 7.distorted guitar, basic drumming, instrumental, doesn't do much. 8.echoey vocals, mid-slow tempo, kinda shambles like Syd Barrett. good band name. 9.highly eq'd vocals, mid-tempo, the structure reminds me of slint though the similarity is slight. 10.some metal in this rock. 11. leyboards added to the rock band mix, minor chords. same band as 4 but doesn't sound emo anymore, 4 is better. 12.fancy drumming and harmonized vocals- or is it all overdubs? upbeat, OK, same band as 5. 13. so-so-angsty-rock same group as 10 14. It's "very pleasant neighbor" meets "they might be giants" lyrics about true historical oddity meets reserved playing, good. Same band as 1,19 15. slow rock song. same band as 3. 16. I just don't get this repetitive midtempo rock song. same band as 6 17. organs, phased guitar? some military drumming alt. w/laid back sounds. OK. same group as 8 18. starts sludgy, then speeds up. same group as 7 but vocals this time 19.acoustic very short OK

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Cool, Yeah! My Cousin Brian
2. Ferone, Leolo Hoedown at the Realm
3. Housebreaker I no
4. Unbelievable Jolly Machine Subterfuge
5. Clubhouse Pow Call It Mine
6. Blitzhosen Fat Bottom, Cold Ground
7. Budd Good Rocket Science...Or Brain Su
8. Prog Wonk Treehouse
9. Ferone, Leolo All Roads Lead to J-Man's Co
10. Hurmudgeon Phony One, the
11. Unbelievable Jolly Machine Single File
12. Clubhouse Pow Spinning Around
13. Kurmudgeon Anxious
14. Cool, Yeah! Phinneas P. Gage
15. Housebreaker Knew Order
16. Prog Wonk Godspeed You (8-TRACK Demo)
17. Prog Wonk Innovative Solutions
18. Budd Good Long Strong Thickness
19. Cool, Yeah! Movies