Afrosheens, the / Welcome to My Wonderful Show
Album: Welcome to My Wonderful Show   Collection:General
Artist:Afrosheens, the   Added:Jul 2001
Label:Aaj Records  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2001-08-31
The Afrosheens - This is one guy with help from some other people on a few tracks. It's tough to really put it in a category. Overall it has pop tendencies. There are tons of instruments and most songs are layered with so many it's tough to pick them all out. Vocals are also layered and usually soft and smooth. The whole album has sort of a laid back innocent feel to it. Generally it's happy with a sprinkling of sadness in a few songs. This is one of those albums that seems to grow on you after each listen. Definitely worth checking out. My Picks: 2, 8, 9, 11, 16
Katie P. 8/31/01

1) Slow with a bunch of keyboards and horns. Lots of vocal layers. Orchestral feel.
2) Fast midtempo bouncy tune. Again lots of layers on vocals. Strange beat that isn't straight 4/4 time. Kind of cool. Nice guitar solo.
3) Slow dragging midtempo. Vocals drag too so that they aren't synched up perfectly. Kind of feels like a bunch of drunken people sitting in a circle singing along.
4) Midtempo that sounds soft and sweet. Kind of sad. Piano and guitar.
5) Fast midtempo pop tune. Happy feel.
6) Spacey effect on vocals making them sound far away and floating around. Slow. Guitar fingering melody along with vocals.
7) Fades in with droning organ. Slow guitar and organ. Muffled vocals that are soft. Sax and other horns come in at different times. Almost in a free solo but with a continuous beat.
8) Uptempo. Switches between manic and bouncy. Settles into a nice pop tune. Guitar, mandolin, and keyboards. Cute. Last 30 seconds sound like a tape recording of a song. Weird.
9) Midtempo with mandolin and lots of layers of horns, flutes, bells, and more. Happy and laid back. Instrumental.
10) Fades in with drums. Fast midtempo with horns, flute, bells, guitar, and layered vocals.
11) Starts with talking and then keyboards come in with a spacey feel. Fast midtempo that bounces a little. Cute and weird. Primarily organ and keyboards with nice vocals on top.
12) Uptempo with a driving beat. Guitars build the tension up to the end.
13) Piano runs up and down the keyboard with strange electrical sounds in the background. Slow, sad vocals.
14) Midtempo with keyboards, guitar, horns, etc. Full sound.
15) Starts with spacey sounds, then guitar and mandolin come in. Vocals spaced out too. Slow.
16) Uptempo with screams and a cool guitar riff. Garbled vocals. Horns and keyboards too.
17) Over 2 minutes of dead silence.
18) Bass and banjo comes in. Accordion too with a nice duet of male/female. Same lyrics as #10.

Track Listing
1. Welcome to My Wonderful Show   9. Only Introduction, the
2. Change These Raisins   10. Living in Stereo
3. Paperstains   11. Golden Tapes
4. Smooth the Time   12. Ithsettap
5. Morning Rain   13. Feeling Like a Wire Again
6. Winged Ballerina   14. Touch of Wet Ink, a
7. Woman   15. Lone Resistance
8. Polo Robots   16. Filters Through the Screen