Stereolab / Sound-Dust
Album: Sound-Dust   Collection:General
Artist:Stereolab   Added:Aug 2001
Label:Elektra Records (East Coast)  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-08-20
This is my "dj review" of this record:

Everyone’s old favorite Stereolab continues their exploration of studio-heavy post-rock blippy euro-pop. Lots of vibes, horns, and that “Chicago sound” throughout. Long gone is the lo-fi “Neu” rock. Now instead super intellectual compositions flavored by late 60’s schmaltzy pop and retro post-rock-isms. Ultra super slick recording and production, almost over the top. All really good or really self-indulgent, depending on your outlook. 1) plodding on a single scale, all instruments join in, brief 2) long minimal dark intro, then upbeat bouncy w/ vocs, layers of horns in places, last two minutes goes late 60’s ultra pop 3) super 60’s pop w/ complex beat answering vocs, near country feel part, strange, shifts loungy midway- like 4 songs in one 4) mellow intro turns upbeat swingy triplet loungy shifts to straight beat in middle 5) bouncy 60’s bacharrach middle part, upbeat lilting otherwise 6) upbeat straighter euro pop w/ acoustic guit and spacey efx 7) 1st half is waltzy pretty near lullaby, then shifs into 60;s retro pop 8) offbeat mellow upbeat thing w/ lush vocs 9) mid paced swingy 4/4 feel 10) super 60’s Wurlitzer pop w/ blippiness 11) upbeat pop w/ mellow long out-tro 12) slow bouncy Wurlitzer w/ mellow lilting parts

Track Listing
1. Black Ants in Sound-Dust   7. Double Rocker
2. Space Moth   8. Gus the Mynah Bird
3. Captain Easychord   9. Naught More Terrific than Ma
4. Baby Lulu   10. Nothing to Do with Me
5. Black Arts, the   11. Suggestion Diabolique
6. Hallucinex   12. Les Bons Bons Des Raisons