Spazz / Sweatin' 3 Skatin' Satan & Kat
Album:Sweatin' 3 Skatin' Satan & Kat Collection:General
Artist:Spazz Added:Aug 2001
Label:Slap a Ham 

Recent Airplay
1.Nov 16, 2003:rust belt
Gilman 90210
3.Oct 25, 2001:Resistance is Useful
Sir Wax a Lot
2.Sep 22, 2002:Oh Messy Life
Skatin' and Satan Go Hand in

Track Listing
1.Typical Hardcore Song #1 34.Mervyns
2.A.S.A.L. 35.Finn's Mom Yodeling in the
3.Angel Crisp 36.Dorsal Finn
4.Old Youth 37.Huckleberry Finn
5.Prayer for the Complete and 38.Finn Pickins
6.Satan's Scrilla 39.Rin Tin Finn
7.Socal Battle Royale 40.And You Thought We Were Kidd
8.Gilman 90210 41.Where's Winky
9.Short Songs (Dead Kennedys) 42.Mega Armageddon Death Part 4
10.Doomriden' 43.Lather Punx
11.Hey Bob, What's Up? 44.Timojhen's Answering Machine
12.Crop Circles 45.You Suffer
13.Gas X 46.Pray to the Windgod
14.Jean Claude Bland Dan in a 47.Billy Milano's Head
15.War in the Head 48.Camp Chestnut Part 2-PROJECT
16.Elder Mutant Stomp 49.Untitled
17.Sanrio Soldier 50.No Neck Joe
18.Connie the Mack 51.Wooden Shoes
19.Plastic Grandma Cackling at 52.Your Very Own Comp Song
20.Bastard Tomb Ride 53.Scalpfarmer
21.Beattie and the Beat 54.It's Up to You
22.Sir Wax a Lot 55.R.T.S.
23.Billy Pepper's Fist in the G 56.Droppin' Many Ravers
24.Skatin' and Satan Go Hand in 57.Crocket
25.B-Street Butta 58.One Ghetto to the Next
26.Town Center 59.Climate Best
27.Crazy Eddie 60.Dan Lifting Banner
28.Bolleri Mosh 61.Redenbacher's Orgy of Pain
29.Ahm Solo 62.Gummo Love Theme
30.On Parade 63.Dan Lifting Banner
31.Stabbed in the Back 64.Caught in the Net
32.Rat Pack 65.7 Deadly Finns
33.Union Made Mayhem 66.White Glove Test
 67.Animal Liberation Now!