Oxes / Oxes
Album: Oxes   Collection:General
Artist:Oxes   Added:Aug 2001

Recent Airplay
1. Sep 23, 2004: Hello Kitten
Horses Are Ok
4. Jul 02, 2003: Umami Jazz Program
Dear Spirit, I'm in France
2. Jul 08, 2004: Hello Kitten
Panda Strong
5. Apr 30, 2003: Subterranean Giraffe
I'm From Hell, Open a Windle
3. Oct 14, 2003: The Digital/Analog War
Your Street Vs. Wall Street
6. Jul 11, 2002: Pessimist Poetry
I'm From Hell, Open a Windle

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-10-01
Heavy angular rock that totally rips. Perky drums, heavy riffs, short attention spans, irreverent tone – no vocals. For those who like The Ex, Don Cab, Helmet. –nari

1. bouncy drums, catchy rhythms, head-bangin’ good energy; this is the single

2. darker theme; really bouncy and urgent; builds up tension to in-your-face cacophony & “challenging ugliness”, in a good way; Sonic Youth-esque slow acoustic outro

3. brighter & happier; jarring rhythm in 5, time signature changes; heavy crunchy parts and lighter sprightly parts; drum solo outro

4. slow, thudding tempo; a pretty, sinister theme; grunge

5. creeps in, then huge angry walls of crunch; amp-bustin’ good

6. slower lurching tempo, acoustic parts in the middle; builds to a melodic picked part @ 3:30

7. brighter & happier; starts off with a really addictive jerky rhythm, falls apart for a little while, returns to addictive jerky rhythm

Track Listing
1. Dear Spirit, I'm in France   4. Your Street Vs. Wall Street
2. I'm From Hell, Open a Windle   5. Horses Are Ok
3. Panda Strong   6. And Giraffe, Natural Enemies
  7. Chivas Regal