Lang, Peter / Dharma Blues
Album: Dharma Blues   Collection:General
Artist:Lang, Peter   Added:Aug 2001
Label:Horus Records  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2001-09-18
Peter Lang - One man and his guitar. This is quite beautiful. All songs are instrumentals and all but #3 are just one acoustic guitar. Simple yet intricate and complicated finger picking. The whole album has a very laid back feel to it. Soft, sweet, and delicious. All tracks are highly recommended especially for anyone looking for some nice acoustic guitar or bluesy stuff.
My Picks: 1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11 Katie P. 9/17/01

1) Nice midtempo stroll. Great finger picking. A bit bluesy but also cheery and happy and hopeful.
2) Faster midtempo. Starts quiet and slowly creeps out to a brighter tone. Finger picking and strumming. Nice play between bass sounds and treble sounds.
3) Slower midtempo. Sounds like a few guitars playing this time. Laid back lazy island tune.
4) Nice finger picking. Solid midtempo that is soft and sweet. Gets faster and faster. Wow - the finger picking is quite impressive!
5) Fast midtempo bounce. Bluesy slide guitar. Very nice. Fun and laid back.
6) Serious blues slide guitar. Slow and dragging. Haunting and moody. Picks up the tempo to a racing feel and then eases back a bit.
7) Quiet and sweet. Slower midtempo. Nice finger picking.
8) Heavy strumming, a very little bit like flamenco. Slow midtempo and quiet.
9) Slow dragging tune. Laid back and lazy. Nice finger picking and strumming.
10) Midtempo finger picking. Fun and happy with a bit of a bounce to it. Very nice. Soft.
11) Louder and crisp. Slow. Sad feeling to it. Some great finger work on this one.
12) Slow and dragging blues tune. Low down and dirty feel. Ends with about 7:23 left and is silent until about 5:20 when beeping starts and other background noise like going through a radio dial. Kind of weird. Guitar comes in slowly with a nice tune to a lot of background noise like someone going through their day.

Track Listing
1. Thicker than Wicker   7. Big Mo's Habenero
2. Walter's Wings   8. Spanish Fandango
3. Variations on Lampe   9. Dogs Howl
4. Lost on Chainbridge Road   10. Evangeline's Moon
5. Poor Boy/Guitar Rag   11. Itasca
6. Halloween Blues   12. Dharma Blues