Scott Baio Army / Join the Army
Album: Join the Army   Collection:General 7"
Artist:Scott Baio Army   Added:Sep 2001
Label:Bad People Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Jan 18, 2004: Oh Messy Life
Clockwork STR8EDGE
4. Jan 05, 2003: Oh Messy Life
Human Wasteland
2. Aug 24, 2003: Oh Messy Life
Clockwork STR8EDGE
5. Aug 25, 2002: Oh Messy Life
I Stayed Out Past Curfew
3. Jul 20, 2003: Oh Messy Life
6. Aug 04, 2002: Oh Messy Life
Johnny Rad's Skateboard Shuf

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-01-05
A whole lotta goofy thrash goin' on from these Denver kids. I can't hear/discern a single word minus the few melodic choruses. Regardless, this is fun, sloppy, chaotic thrashin' hardcore. Plenty of Troma movie samples ("Class of Nuke 'Em High") and a great parody of Suicidal Tendencies on the cover art.

SIDE A - Really, really manic, ultra sloppy & fast H.C. No song stands out but the first track does have a "Charles in Charge" sample. TV nerds will wanna check this out.,

((((1))))) Suicidal Tendencies cover done up raw as hell. Very ugly but good sound.
(((((2))))) Fukkin' great sample from the classic "Class of Nuke 'Em High" Killer stuff.
(((3))) Manic, chaotic & insane,
((((4)))) Short, sweet & hi-larious!
(((5))) "South Park" sample? More messed up kids on Jolt going for an all-night skate session.
((((6)))) Huh? Totally funny samples. Everything makes sense and no sense at the same time. Sorta similar to RWC "dork-core" fiend, Slobber on meth.

Track Listing
1. Human Wasteland   6. I Stayed Out Past Curfew
2. Not a Brown-Eyed Girl   7. Johnny Rad's Skateboard Shuf
3. MTV#1   8. STR8EDGE Drug Dealer
4. Houston, We Have a Problem   9. Clockwork STR8EDGE
5. Possessed to SK8*   10. Asses & Elephants