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Artist:90 Day Men   Added:Sep 2001

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Album Review
Reviewed 2001-10-01
90 Day Men – Great moody indie not-pop rock, like Jet Black Crayon. Lots of echo, reverb wet electric guitar, smart snaking basslines, mellow keyboard accomp., tight drumming, and somber vocals. -nari

1. dark and moody, subtle urgent drumming throughout
2. moody; starts out dimmer, then picks up tempo to big lush conclusion
3. more agitated from the start, angsty strummed chords, full-speed drumming; has a nice little mellow keyboard-led bridge
4. lighthearted but still cooool; dancey beats from the drummer, groovy bassline; stops being a song at about 5:10 (could fade out here), then starts up again at 5:30: quicker tempo, darker themes, very blue piano solo takes it out at the end

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