Chao / Hitsthemiss
Album: Hitsthemiss   Collection:General
Artist:Chao   Added:Sep 2001
Label:Last Beat Records  

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2. Sep 27, 2001: An Epiphany of Sound
Lay Lady Lay

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-17
Chao "hitsthemiss" [label: Last Beat Records]

Cute & stylish pop music from Dallas. Fem vocals makes the Breeders comparison ok, although this has less bite. Doesn't vary from standard rock beats and charming hooks. -nari

*1. groovy dance track
2. starts acoustic & twangy but gets big and boisterous w/jubilant refrain
3. slightly slower and more mellow with rainy vocal filter
*4. dreamy cover of Lay Lady Lay with theremin-effects and soft trumpet
*5. gentle acoustic track that sounds like Beck's Forcefield; finishes with cheesy strings
*6. minor key uptempo track with Latin flare
7. bright love song that almost sounds like Bangles to me
8. slow country beat, cliche country vocals and lyrics and chord progressions; "Cry To Me"
9. cheesy synth & hymn-style piano, new agey vocals
*10. simple and catchy, with all the country cliches I mentioned above; big twang
11. tribute cover song to joey ramone "I wanna be sedated"

Track Listing
1. Gotta Go   6. Whisper
2. Bugs   7. This Love
3. Find a Hole   8. Fire
4. Lay Lady Lay   9. Roll Me
5. Low   10. Country Song
  11. Something for Joey