Mus / Aida - Bliss Out V. 17
Album: Aida - Bliss Out V. 17   Collection:General
Artist:Mus   Added:Sep 2001
Label:Darla Records  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-10-22
Duo from Spain. Looping ambience, instrumentation, layering upon itself in the spirit of Frippertronics and Eno’s Music For Airports. Two long tracks. Incredibly beautiful hypnotic and vision inducing. Do not mix with alcohol. Consult your doctor first.

1) mellow kalimba/vibes type ambience builds w/ additional pretty melodic sounds a la Eno, Fripp dreamy and mildly drony, after 7 min changes in tone w/ looping guits and strange synth melody, changes again @ 13 min, quiet synth and quieter fem vocs reign hypnotic, @ 18 min picks up droney, @ 20 min turns into mellow guit playing

2) pretty ambient piano/synth/plucking sentiments, fem vocs enter en Espanol Astrurian breathy quiet, almost “songlike” but definitely spacey, ends amongst flowering fields of lush tones and then 2 min of loops with one last vocal comment

Track Listing
1. Aquel Inviernu   2. A Cielu Abiertu