Various Artists / Troubleman Mix Tape
Album: Troubleman Mix Tape   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2001
Label:Troubleman Unlimited  

Recent Airplay
1. Jul 18, 2009: Bloodstains Across Atherton-Now With 50% More Blasphemy
Over the Flat Earth
4. Jun 24, 2009: Brownian Motion Sub
Waiting for the Snake Assass
2. Jul 11, 2009: lost and found
Solitary While Amongst
5. May 06, 2009: Signal to Noise
Night Nurses
3. Jun 24, 2009: Signal to Noise
6. Mar 10, 2005: I once was Canadian
September, A Few Lights Slipping

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Davis, Miles Intro
2. Lightning Bolt Waiting for the Snake Assass
3. Burmese Pleasures of Greed and Pain
4. Crash Smash Explode One Minute
5. Red Scare, the Iron Curtain
6. Rah Bras Fungry
7. Blonde Redhead Father
8. Crom-Tech Lord Dorpal
9. Harriet the Spy How We Got on Kill Rock Stas
10. Red Monkey Essential Nutrients
11. Hex, the Black Tape
12. Petty Crime Curse of Boredom
13. !!! Freak the Funk
14. Xbxrx Cat.Garbage.Love
15. Bad Form Sell Yourself
16. Convocation Of, the Solitary While Amongst
17. Melt-Banana We Love Choco-Pa
18. Song of Zarathustra The Evening Beat
19. Flying Luttenbachers Total Asymmetry
20. Black Dice Stake Fin
21. Fucking Champs, the Over the Flat Earth
22. Monorchid, the Who Put Out the Fire
23. Crainium, the Untitled
24. Intima, the Summer of Twelve Thousand Ye
25. Sean Na Na W/ Lois 2-9476
26. Lovesick Faster than Arrows
27. Sunshine Pulp
28. Secret Stars September
29. Turn-Offs Lost and Found
30. Excelsior Sailing the Sea of Hoag
31. White, Barry Live in Texas
32. Men's Recovery Project I'm Two Dimensional
33. Men's Recovery Project Get the Fuck Out of My Offic
34. Pixeltan Itchy Cable
35. Outhud Emperor Selassie's Morning W
36. Locust, the Perils of Believing in Round
37. Love Life Joy
38. Glass Candy and the Shattered Night Nurses
39. Lack, the Eight
40. Radio 4 Red Lights Again
41. Sea Tiger Cooter's Groove
42. Currituck County Paris
43. Six Parts Seven, the A Few Lights Slipping
44. Unwound Lazslo
45. Erase Errata Brief Stint Harvesting
46. All-Stars The Practice - Dub
47. Kepler Waking From Kosala