Haggard, the / No Future
Album: No Future   Collection:General
Artist:Haggard, the   Added:Oct 2001
Label:Mr Lady Records & Videos  

Recent Airplay
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Jealousy Cake
4. Dec 09, 2001: Sunday School: Two-Person Bands
Go Reverse
2. Jan 02, 2003: women in metal
Go Reverse
5. Dec 04, 2001: Mr. Sparkle Challenge
Jealousy Cake
3. Jan 29, 2002: Four Letter Love
Go Reverse

Album Review
Hannah Mae
Reviewed 2002-10-17
Second album from two-woman Portland band - even better than their (great) debut A Bike City Called Greasy. Drums, guitar, and both sing - one in a punk shout, the other in a grind growl. More sonically varied than ABCCG - touches of emo in with the hardcore and punk. The more serious tracks have the same heart-on-sleeve sincerity as Team Dresch, but they also have their gleefully goofy moments. Queercore's second wave? Fucking great record. (Watch FCCs - lyrics inside.)

1. speedy stop-start HC
2. tres short
3. starts herky-jerky, a bit like a heavier Red Monkey
4. emoey octave chords - "Jesus won't save you from me"
5. furious and careening, great breakdowns
6. bike rock!
7. bits of noise
8. fat-sounding guitar, sorta emocore
9. nice circular riff
10. trade-off vox, more punk
11. bouncy bouncy- Fondled cover
12. fast one about the double standards of law enforcement
13. great riff, tense rocker. Song proper ends at about 3:20 gone - hidden track starts about 14min. gone - super-effected studio fuckery, poppy, pretty cool.

Track Listing
1. Tragic Hero   7. Interlude
2. Haggard for President   8. Empty House
3. Quit Your Job   9. Radio Play
4. Go Reverse   10. Sundays in Oregon
5. Jealousy Cake   11. Wouldn't Wanna Be Your Girl
6. Better Traffic   12. I Love a Parade
  13. No Future