Hicks, Bill / Philosophy the Best of Bill Hi
Album: Philosophy the Best of Bill Hi   Collection:Comedy
Artist:Hicks, Bill   Added:Oct 2001

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Album Review
Reviewed 2001-11-05
BILL HICKS: Dennis Miller's snide cynicism, Bill Maher's political agenda, Sam Kinison's brutal in-your-face honesty, and Dave Chappelle's affinity for ganja = brilliant comedy. Irreverent and unapologetically offensive – but true. Track 12 kills me – literally I almost choked on my waffle. -nari

1. nothing introduction ***2. anti-intellectualism, "what choo readin fo?"; 1:45 unevolved backwoods hicks *3. annoying housekeeping; 1:20 rant against soft porn; then I cut 4:26-5:52 of the original track, because modeling jiz isn't safe harbor; 4:26 cure for aids 4. "anyone dumb enough to want to be in the military should be allowed in"; 0:46 military moral hypocrisy; 1:27 selling arms to iraq ****5. self-righteous non-smokers; 2:42 new yorker's priorities; 3:20 smoking habits 6. I don't do drugs anymore; 0:48 had fun with no consequence doing drugs; 4:30 dull alc. anonies; 5:23 pot is a better drug than alcohol; 9:32 drugs out of control in new york **7. clarence thomas trial; 0:59 stands up for porn (NOT OUT OF SAFE HARBOR); 2:06 fear that mom will find the porno wing ***8. supreme court definition of pornography/commercials; 2:30 fundamentalist christians say be fruitful & multiply; 3:06 forgive me *9. willie nelson doing commercials *10. obsession with COPS/trailor trash **11. just try pedestrian right of way in new york; 1:02 l.a. riots/step on the gas *****12. left the country day of the riots; 0:49 british crime is hilarious **13. politics in america: two puppets, one master ***14. JFK assassination/who controls the govt. *15. evolve ideas 1:42 need compassionate drug czar ****17. "surely this illiterate bozo can't be the president, god" .. reagan, not bush; 0:56 fundamentalist christians don't believe in dinosaurs; 4:29 "people who believe in creationism look really unevolved"; 4:56 organized religion **16. last thing jesus wants to see is a cross **18. jesus & the easter bunny *19. who are the gideons? *20. your children aren't special (NOT OUT OF SAFE HARBOR) ****21. my business is none of yours; 0:58 childbirth is not a miracle

Track Listing
1. Greetings   11. Step on the Gas (L.A. Riots)
2. Flying Saucer Tour   12. Hooligans
3. Please Do not Disturb   13. Politics in America
4. Gays in the Military   14. The Elite
5. Smoking   15. Time to Evolve
6. Great Times on Drugs   16. Odd Beliefs
7. Sex on Trial   17. Dinosaurs in Teh Bible
8. What Is Pornography   18. Easter
9. Save Willie   19. Gideon's
10. Confesesion Time (Cops)   20. Your Children Aren't Special
  21. The Sanctity of Life