Solex / Low Kick and Hard Bop
Album: Low Kick and Hard Bop   Collection:General
Artist:Solex   Added:Nov 2001
Label:Matador Records  

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Album Review
Hannah Mae
Reviewed 2002-10-17
Ramshackle constructed pop with odd rhythms and ultra-effected vocals. Solex main woman Elisabeth Esselink runs a used record store in Amsterdam and gets her samples out of the dollar bin. Sounds like she's raiding the big band, country and 60's pop sections these days - lots of swingy drums, slide guitar and space-age sounds here. This is great shit, quite recommended to fans of Kid Koala-style sample fuckery as well as popsters.

1. skittery beat, woonky bass, harmonica and flute samples
2. clicks and chimes, slinky guitar - an avant-surf band in a clock factory
> 3. organ! and some oh-oh-ohs
> 4. Phil Spectorish - big echoey drums and harmony vox
5. spy horns, rubbery reverb
6. big-band drums and piano, muted vox
7. funk piano and sly horns
> 8. revving guitar
9. brushed cymbal gives it a jazzy air
10. beeps and beats, slide guitar, horns
> 11. has a quasi-ye-ye vavoom to it
12. piano loop, standup bass, horns - a pop song from jazz pieces
13. jerky and repetetive
14. drama! short.
> 15. great swing to it

Track Listing
1. Low Kick and Hard Bop   8. Comely Row
2. Mere Imposters   9. Ease Up You Fundamentalist!
3. Have You no Shame, Girl?   10. The Dot on the I Between the
4. Not a Hoot!   11. Good Comrades Go to Heaven
5. Knee-High   12. Cayenne
6. Honey (Amsterdam Is not L.A.   13. Ololo
7. Shoot Shoot!   14. You Say Potato, I Say Aardap
  15. Look... no Fingerprints!