Guryan, Margo / 25 Demos
Album: 25 Demos   Collection:General
Artist:Guryan, Margo   Added:Nov 2001
Label:Franklin Castle  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2001-11-08
Margo Guryan - Margo Guryan, songwriter extraordinaire, makes an incredible pop cd!!! This is a compilation of 25 demos that were recorded in the 60's, 70's, and one that was recorded last year (but written in the 60's). Check the liner notes for more info on the demos. The music on here has an overall 70's AM radio feel but in a very good way. It's all laid back and light, but ranges from bouncy pop to a lowdown funky groove. There's almost always some keyboard or organ but she also adds some nice touches with cello, flute, clarinet, and some others sprinkled here and there. This is an outstanding collection of work and an essential for anyone who even remotely likes pop music. All tracks a highly recommended.
My Picks: 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 12, 19, 25 Katie P. 9/26/01

1) Midtempo bouncy piano. Feels a little like Sesame Street pop. Nice vocal harmonies and a clarinet too!
2) Piano with a lowdown funky beat. Still very light and airy. Uptempo and super groovy.
3) Waltz beat with guitar, cello, and keyboards. Nice happy feel.
4) Ooooo - cool funky beat. Guitars and fat bass (well, imagine AM radio fat bass). Nice lyrics and great harmonies.
5) Midtempo piano sounds like Sesame Street again but with love song lyrics. Laid back and sweet.
6) Cool organ. Midtempo with a slight bounce feel. Kind of sad. Flute comes in occasionally.
7) Fast midtempo with a bit of a bounce. Sort of groovy. Flute in here along with keyboards and guitar.
8) Starts quiet with vocals and bass. Guitar comes in. Midtempo cute pop song. Nice love song. Simple and sweet.
9) Fades in with keyboards to a serious funky beat. Great organ. Nice lowdown feel. Wow!!
10) Keyboards are a little bloopy with vibrato guitar. Midtempo drag.
11) Flute and strings start off. A nice midtempo stroll. Soft and sweet.
12) Bells and guitars. Groovy pop. Nice not so christmassy Christmas song.
13) Slower midtempo and a little sad. Piano and organ. Kind of groovy.
14) Midtempo with several different keyboards. Groovy feel.
15) Soft piano and acoustic guitar. Midtempo bounce. Kind of sad and almost a little angry. Nice strings come out at times.
16) Groovy beat. Fast midtempo bounce. Cute pop with some nice keyboard, piano, and guitar work. Has a kind of old-timey feel to it (almost ragtime).
17) Slower dragging funky walk. Nice organ. Cute.
18) Slower midtempo. Cute and almost bouncy. Song about the Nixon tapes and the Watergate scandal. Sort of folky pop. It even bleeps out the word "ass" - ha!
19) Midtempo dragging beat. Almost bluesy and slightly funky. Lyrics are a husband trying to explain about a scandalous affair. Kind of funny.
20) Political song that has some nice rockin' guitar. Uptempo and fun.
21) Midtempo and quiet. Cute organ and sweet cute vocals. Funny lyrics.
22) A little funky midtempo beat. About earthquakes. Cool bluesy guitar with a slightly country feel.
23) Piano with nice vocal harmonies. Sweet airy vocals. Kind of sad but very sweet.
24) Uptempo disco number. Yes, disco. Musically it's pretty cool. Lyrically it's weak to the point of being funny. The piano is great.
25) Nice midtempo 60's pop music. Cool bouncy piano and cute guitar. Great lyrics too. Laid back and lazy.

Track Listing
1. What Can I Give You   13. Come to Me Slowly
2. Something's Wrong with the M   14. Timothy Gone
3. I Love   15. It's Alright Now
4. Sunday Morning   16. Values
5. Can You Tell   17. I Think a Lot About You
6. Think of Rain   18. The Hum
7. Sun   19. Please Believe Me
8. Most of My Life   20. Yes I Am
9. The 8:17 Northbound Success   21. I'd Like to See the Bad Guys
10. Love Songs   22. California Shake
11. Thoughts   23. Shine
12. I Don't Intend to Spend Chri   24. Hold Me Dancin'
  25. Good-Bye, July