Medea Connection, the / Bell Ringer, the
Album: Bell Ringer, the   Collection:General
Artist:Medea Connection, the   Added:Nov 2001
Label:Curve of the Earth  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-01-08
My new favorite CD: Cool amalgam of drop tuned stoner dirge, Joy Division darkness, yet with upbeat rockin beats bordering on the gleefulness of the Ramones at times. Male vocs, female drummer. Heavy stuff somehow reminiscent of Husker Du (or something else Midwestern I cant finger), Sabbath and Ramones simultaneously if that’s even possible. This grew on me real quick. Cover/liner art by guitarist is straight out of 70’s heavy metal magazine. I love it. Pass the bong. All songs rock - pick any.

1) straight forward rockin
2) near Ramones beat, downtuned heaviness
3) crunchy heavy dutyness, grows ultra epic
4) hard driving beat
5) upbeat w/ different voc mix, something catchy and almost new wave (!?) about this, then it shifts into epic dirge rock
6) poppy hooks, still heavy
7) driving beat / halftime epic riff, breaks
8) instrumental w/ soaring and dissonant guit riffs
9) cover song, heavy drop tuned rocker, my current theme song
10) Joy Div dark choruses bass melody, the ghost of Ian Curtis rises out of this slow sparse boiling instrumental interlude which is really an intro to the next song
11) heavy upbeat shifts to epic dirginess
12) steady long intro beat, goes ½ time dirgy yet upbeat melodic, instrumental
13) drony looping noisy ambient intro, builds to mid paced bass chord driven layers of drone w/ a beat, long instrumental

Track Listing
1. Through the Fields   7. Part the Sky
2. Spectral Halos   8. Red Sister
3. The Bell Ringer   9. Work
4. Together We Explode   10. Sea of Tranquility
5. Totality   11. Infinite Space
6. Mind Control   12. Before the Ceremony
  13. Serpentine Walls