Sonna / We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight
Album: We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight   Collection:General
Artist: Sonna   Added:Dec 2001
Label: Temporary Residence Ltd.  

Recent Airplay
1. Mar 20, 2002: Strange Attractors
Low and to the Side
3. Feb 06, 2002: Strange Attractors
The Opener
2. Feb 27, 2002: Strange Attractors
Sleep on It
4. Feb 05, 2002: Mr. Sparkle Challenge
The Opener

Album Review
Reviewed 2002-01-28

Post rock, most tracks instrumentals. Clean toned electric guitar lines, pretty melodies. Everything soft & comfy, but a couple tracks are bustling enough to induce the subtle indie rocker head bob. -nari

1. driving, bubbly and catchy; beautiful 2 min. cool down
2. airy & light guitars over lots of splash and shuffle
3. more quiet & intimate; sensitive boy singing cheesy lyrics comes in @ 4:18 left; fortunately there's a good opportunity to fade out immediately before then
4. languid & sleepy; beautiful, stately, Low-like
5. thoughtful; fades @ 4:12 left; new song @ 4:05 left, with more tension, motion, fire & lift
6. energetic, upbeat, happy; big present drums

Track Listing
1. The Opener   4. Sing Soft Tonight
2. Low and to the Side   5. Sleep on It
3. We Sing Loud   6. Real Quiet