Various Artists / Fast Folk: a Community
Album: Fast Folk: a Community   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Feb 2002

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By Your Eyes, Geza's Wailing Ways, I Don't Know Why, You Just Need a Home (Spotli, Thirty Thousand Men, Gypsy, American Jerusalem
4. Jan 12, 2015: Clean Copper Radio
2. Sep 29, 2015: Clean Copper Radio
American Jerusalem
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American Jerusalem
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Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Macdonald, Bob American Jerusalem
2. Massengill, David What's Wrong with the Man Up
3. Devine, Gerry Old Factory Town
4. Kaplansky, Lucy You Just Need a Home (Spotli
5. Van Ronk, Dave Another Time and Place
6. Colvin, Shawn I Don't Know Why
7. Gorka, John Geza's Wailing Ways
8. Indian, David Ragman!
9. Intondi, Tom High Times
10. Lavin, Christine Don't Ever Call Your Sweethe
11. Christian, Frank Where Were You Last Night?
12. Pucci, Germana Introduction to Corpo Gracil
13. Pucci, Germana Corpo Gracile
14. Burns, Laura & Rosen, Roger Kilkelly, Ireland
15. Frandsen, Erik Introduction to the Viking R
16. Frandsen, Erik The Viking Rag
17. Hardy, Jack Forget-Me-Not
18. Ensemble Vacation
19. Vega, Suzanne Gypsy
20. Forbert, Steve Thirty Thousand Men
21. Tedesso, Frank Margaret
22. Silver, Elaine Share the Failure
23. Brayer, Patrick John Bourbon As a Second Language
24. Kaplan, Paul King of Hearts
25. Zweiman, Judith Heart on Ice
26. Shindell, Richard The Courier
27. Beckerman, Wendy By Your Eyes
28. Palmer, Lillie Danton
29. Jerling, Michael Long Black Wall
30. Breckman, Andy Railroad Bill
31. Julian, Richard Gravedigger
32. Meyer, Richard January Cold
33. Wood, Eric Disenchanted
34. Blumenfeld, Hugh Raphael
35. Taylor, Louise Your Face
36. Joffen, Josh Crazy Horse