Helsfornander / Helsfornander
Album: Helsfornander   Collection:General
Artist:Helsfornander   Added:Feb 2002

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2. Mar 26, 2002: Trip Over Zero

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-03-13
Minimal spacey trippy electronics, sparse beats, funky breakbeat, tables, other interesting sound sources. Most tracks brief, most blend together. Chill and cooland sometimes hinting at cool dub almost. From the deep south: LA, Silverlake dist.

1) brief, bells perc
2) trippy spacey bass synth, no drums
3) super downtempo slow sparse drums, more trippiness
4) upbeat tabla breakbeatish, still minimal, sitar treated eastern flare
5, 6) mellow funky feel
7) breakish funky mellow
8) tabla funky breakbeat again cool bass synth9) jazzy funky “looove” rhythm and feel, almost cheesy, still cool
10) superchill min beats, melodic space synths, almost dub breakbeat feel

Track Listing
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