Heartfelt, the / Figurine
Album: Figurine   Collection:General
Artist:Heartfelt, the   Added:Feb 2002
Label:March Records  

Recent Airplay
1. May 18, 2015: Shytown
Lets Make Our Love Song
4. Oct 24, 2003: Distraction-Limited
Way Too Good
2. Apr 02, 2008: nag champa orangeasm
5. Apr 09, 2003: Off the Path
3. Jul 08, 2005: Distraction-Limited
6. Jan 24, 2003: Input/Output

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-07-03
Super cool amalgam of pop elements glazed w/ almost new wavish use of electonics. Steppy beats, well recorded guitars, male and female vocals w/ requisite English accents. Magnetic Fields crossed w/ the Human League. Nice trippy effects and treatments. This is how I picture pop music evolving/devolving in my little utopia.

1) starts ambient tinkly and evolves into pretty space themed trip
2) upbeat new wave dance feel
3) strange steppy electro feel w/ stranger sampled stadium cheering, brief instrumental
4) blippy electro but w/ acoustic guitar, upbeat w/ a steppy beat you can dance to
5) upbeat disco’y electro feel, male vocs and feel smack of Stephan Merrit
6) chill blippy soft love/stalker long
7) blippy upbeat, very Mag Fields/6ths
8) instrumental, synth pop w/ subtle breakish beats feel
9) bird call samples mixed with more synth pop melodies, mid paced
10) new wave synth early 80’s dance feel, brit gal vocs
11) male vocs, blippy 80’s dancey tone
12) sci-fi 80’s funky new wave ambient, robotic, brief
13) breakish beats under blippy synth pop, pretty
14) upbeat fun feel pop
15) unlisted track, more chill feel but upbeat drums, pretty and cool

Track Listing
1. International Space Station   8. Instrumental
2. Impossible   9. Pswrd:Natur
3. Pswrd:Stdum   10. Our Game
4. Rewind   11. So Futuristic
5. Way Too Good   12. Pswrd:Pttrn
6. Stranger   13. Heartfelt
7. Time (His Mix)   14. Lets Make Our Love Song