Panthers / Are You Down
Album: Are You Down   Collection:General
Artist:Panthers   Added:Mar 2002
Label:Troubleman Unlimited  

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Are You Down?
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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-06-26
Heavy rock with hardcore aroma spiced w/ multi-tempo’ed emo flavor all wrapped in tasty garage rock buns. Stooges meet Nebula at the Estrus headquarters. Good shit, rock and roll revisited, the way it should be.

1) upbeat galloping hardcore feel, shifts to a half time emo’ish feel
2) minor themed rockin
3) midpaced overall, driving
4) consistently upbeat, driving rawkin w/ epic ritardando ending
5) strange turn, almost ballady but super cool w/ one not too blatant FCC
6) upbeat crunchy super driving garage rawk, ZZ Top on crank
7) driving
8) upbeat ¾ heavy w/ different guit hook and drums and complex breaks, mailbomb
9) offbeat triplets, evolves into anthemic rock
10) slower dirgy parts

Track Listing
1. Vandalist Committee   6. Up Against the Wall
2. We Are All Undesireables   7. Panthers! Pow! Pow!
3. A Panther Is a Motherfucker   8. Panthers Vs. the Automotion
4. Are You Down?   9. Lies Are the New Truth
5. Sex Ed.   10. Snakes in the Soundsystem