Hawke / Heatstroke
Album: Heatstroke   Collection:General
Artist:Hawke   Added:Mar 2002
Label:Six Degrees Records  

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Now We Know - Lovesky Remix, Mass
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Party People W/ Adamsmasher, Now We Know - Lovesky Remix

Album Review
Reviewed 2002-08-06
Hawke: Heatstroke Label: Six Degrees & Sunburn
I’ve been so anticipating the release of this record – and I’m SO loving it. This is full of the funky electro/acid/tweaky/breaks/house that has characterized the sound of SF’s Sunburn Records. Gavin Hardkiss is a good friend of mine. As the youngest of the Hardkiss brothers, Gavin is a talented musician and DJ like his brothers. I love all of the tracks on this CD. Best tracks: 1,2,3,5,6
1. Thumpin beats w/ background congas, beautifully reverberating glass tones
2. Crackly dubby trippy electro; changes organically; great guitar thrown in middle
3. Awesome catchy progressive electro-infused house anthem – party people gonna change the world!
4. Narrative rap about ravers set to grindin’ booty acid-y electro-breaks
5. Grindin’ bass, cut-up beats, tweaky acid-y loops, wild percussion, scratchy noise, breaks, all mashed into what I think is Gavin’s signature as a DJ & a producer
6. My pal Adnan contributes samba energy (& vocals) on this slammin’ house tune
7. Uplifting synth loops and catchy trumpet melodies – wonderful world-y trance
8. Grindin’ bassline with tribaly beat and swishy synth melodies
9. Insistent bass beat, space-y vocals by Adamsmasher, loopy synths – pretty cool
10. Short tinkly interlude, some ocean sounds (goes into 11)
11. Gentle guitar strumming, grindin’ bassline, dramatic synths & piano

Track Listing
1. Mass   6. Pacificodelic Feat. Dj Adnan
2. Now We Know - Lovesky Remix   7. Le Le Lengwe
3. Party People W/ Adamsmasher   8. Salome's Last Chance
4. Midnight Ravers Feat. Joe B.   9. Starfish Waitress
5. Sticky Trumpets   10. Everything Will Be Ok
  11. High on the Sea