Elf, Shari / Im Forcing Goodness Upon You
Album: Im Forcing Goodness Upon You   Collection:General
Artist:Elf, Shari   Added:Apr 2002

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1. Sep 09, 2002: Come When I Whistle

Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2002-05-09
Decent folk-rock a-la Cindy Lee Berryhill. Good stuff like this was more common in the early 90's 1.moves along, at times the backing music reminds me of old Magnetic Fields. 2.Upbeat, slightly hillbilly due to banjo (synth?) 3.acapella solo fits into spoken word set better than a music set. Rhymes for the sake of rhyming. 4. piano + singing, pretty, but not all that. Words better than the music 5.3/4 carny music, mutated cover of "Sunny" 6. cute song about ambivalent marginal self-employment 7. casiotone karaoke version of an old hit "Dream a little dream" 8. casiotone karaoke version of country hit "Ring of Fire" (ever hear the Space Lady?) 9. solo guitar song about living at the wrong number, something we can appreciate after getting so many calls for Stanford Information 10. plods 11. simple quiet guitar playing, throwaway stream-of-consciousness lyric 12.Ooom-pa-pa casiotone, silly 13. acoustic guitar, sad song 14.calypso beat, a weird chord progression (or is that a wrong note?) A cover but I don't recognize it. 15. rock, bad-day sort of song 16. soo saccharine, that's the point

Track Listing
1. Tenderness Verses the Lawn   9. Ron's Appliance
2. Jerk-A-Lator   10. Jesus at the Hardware Store
3. Im Taking Yr Stuff   11. Beach Chair Song
4. Happy World   12. Some Thoughts on
5. Bunny   13. The Saddest Song I Ever
6. Seamstress   14. In the Garden
7. Dream a Little Dream of   15. My Automobile
8. Ring of Fire   16. Im Forcing Goodness Upon You