Damned, the / Grave Disorder
Album: Grave Disorder   Collection:General
Artist:Damned, the   Added:Apr 2002
Label:Nitro Records  

Recent Airplay
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4. Jul 13, 2005: Brownian Commotion
2. Mar 07, 2017: satin fever
5. Jul 10, 2002: Lick My Moody Guitar (sub for Baud of Euphony)
3. Sep 23, 2007: Transmission Overload

Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2002-05-09
Damn, the Damned are still at it, and it's Damned good. At least I'm enjoying the first song. It sounds like them. Too bad there's no liner notes, I'd like to see the lineup. Rock with some guitar wankery. Punk with some goth humor. 1. fast, punky, good. 2. OK but not sticking 3. quiet intro gets big. Minor key, fuzz guitar, Halloween music 4.more like standard rock. Good at first but not for long 5.here come the rototoms, fast! 6. ballad, listenable 7.music box & movie sample intro, goes to guitar, wind noise and theramin, then the standard band. Haunted western. 8.fades into rock devotional 9. midfast & loud 10.quiter slower song, drum machine 11.nice melody 12.fun song 13.long organ & piano intro, synths fade in but never take the lead. very melodic, almost no percussion, the gothest track.

Track Listing
1. Democracy?   7. Absinthe
2. Song.Com   8. Amen
3. Thrill Kill   9. Neverland
4. She   10. 'til the End of Time
5. Lookin for Action   11. Obscene
6. Would You Be So Hot   12. W
  13. Beauty of the Beast