Pan-American / River Made no Sound, the
Album: River Made no Sound, the   Collection:General
Artist:Pan-American   Added:Apr 2002

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Red Lines
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Places Names

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-04-24
Super stripped down ambient electronics, total chill, I’m talking coming down from 3 days worth of purple pyramid or windowpane with a stack of Heavy Metal Magazines material. This is ultra mellow cool stuff, what you might expect from Kranky in the 23rd century that we live in. Lush yet minimal, synth based. Did I say chill?

1) piano, ambient soundbed material
2) beat present, but not exactly rhythmic, but sorta, super chil
3) super mellow but with some bottom end
4) more, soundbed or bed material
5) pass the Quaaludes I think I’m Karen Anne Quinlan
6) upbeat rhythmic ambient, starts w/ a semblance of song or rhythm, turns ambient late
) rhythmic, still totally chill
8) more
9) rhythmic but again, chill

Track Listing
1. Plains   5. Red Lines
2. For a Running Dog   6. Raised Wall
3. Settled   7. St.Cloud
4. Places Names   8. 2-SIDED
  9. Right of Return