Loess / Loess
Album: Loess   Collection:General
Artist: Loess   Added:Apr 2002
Label: Nonresponse  

Recent Airplay
1. Jul 21, 2007: On the warpath
2. Jul 03, 2002: Trip Over Zero

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-05-08
Stripped dwon minimal chill electronic instrumental, spacey and trippy a la Boards of Canada. Back sticker calls this “IDM” (been wondering what that is lately). Slow funky beats that sound like thy could burst into breakbeats at any moment but certainly don’t. Floatation tank music.

1) funky electrobeat chill ambient synths
2) slow, near dub feel, super trippy, long out-tro
3) simple beat, minimal
4) almost blippy, melodic, with direction
5) beatless, vaguely melodic synth harmonies, like side B of Music For Airports
6) almost upbeat rhythm, still super chill though
7) mechanical synthy feel
8) Eno’esque ambience, some found sounds, brief
9) blippy, minimal beat
10) simple beat, lush synths
11) disjunct, almost experimental
12) ambient soundscape, beautiful, fades-out w/ 12 min remaining, super slow fade-in ca.2 min later of vocal choral lushness, stunning

Track Listing
1. Chariv Canopy   6. Littoral Tone
2. 2ND Twelve   7. Spring Street
3. Maple Cill   8. Keflex
4. Pleuston   9. Mosse
5. Alluvium Edit   10. 2ND-12 Accelera Deck Mix
  11. Woven