Do Make Say Think / & Yet & Yet
Album: & Yet & Yet   Collection:General
Artist:Do Make Say Think   Added:Apr 2002
Label:Constellation Records  

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Classic Noodlanding
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Soul and Onward, Reitschule
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Classic Noodlanding
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Classic Noodlanding

Album Review
Reviewed 2002-04-29
Do Make Say Think has done great things with their past two albums on Constellation Records, home of musically sympathetic post rockers GYBE!. Their third album is no different, and has already begun appearing at the top of critics' lists. DMST lays down jazzy harmonies, spaced out fuzz, or soaring electric guitar lines over tight, repetitive grooves. They build off the post rock template and carve out their own exceptional sound. -nari

1. snappy jazzy drumming & polyrhythms; restless energy unsatisfied

2. yes! fuzzed out dream sequence with a big rock beat underneath; drones on and gets LOUD

3. moody harmonic tension over such a catchy groove; dissolves into a lighter middle passage, then dissolves further into 1+ min of tranquil, psychadelic reprocessing of the first material

4. serene, uncomplicated and lovely

5. noodling interrupted by urgent ricochet drumming; dark build to crest

6. much lighter character; mellow, euphonious guitar theme with some tuneful sax & piano, and soft abstract vocal samples; pretty but static

7. a simple, resigned guitar melody echoes in and out of a gorgeous texture of soft fuzz, reverse cymbals, layers of echoing tones, and gentle acoustic strumming; lull btween 4:26-6:23, but WAIT FOR THE END...sublime amazing tripped out reprocess of the first stuff

Track Listing
1. Classic Noodlanding   4. Chinatown
2. End of Music   5. Reitschule
3. White Light of   6. Soul and Onward
  7. Anything for Now