Little Wings / Wonderue
Album: Wonderue   Collection:General
Artist:Little Wings   Added:Apr 2002
Label:K Records  

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So I Finally Belong to the N, Light Be Bright, Do Be, Understand, I Saw Reflections, Si Si, Treat It Kind, When You Know Love, Shredder Sequel, Faith Children, Filled with Wonder

Album Review
Reviewed 2002-05-13
LITTLE WINGS "Wonderue" [label: K Records]

This is the indie rock band currently touring with the Microphones, and their songs have that same sweet quirkiness, with vocals that are sometimes so plain-sung-sweet that they're like Doug Martsch with a drawl. Many tracks have that innocent K sound. Others sound like southern folk. Maybe even Clem Snide, though I never 'got' them. I have latched on to this album though - it is insidiously addictive: all sweet, simple and earnest, with some real heart-stoppers. Check it if you like Calexico, Elliot Smith. -nari

1.(3:40) bright upbeat folk
*2.(3:49) mmm, slow lament with vocal harmonies, and sweet offkey bends
*3.(3:59) mmmmm, gentle ballad, resigned doubled vocals
*4.(4:56) quiet, darker melody, with cute casio accomp. & beats, dreamy vibes
5.(3:52) long piano introduction, then quiet & easy sad tune, w/big moody bass
6.(4:16) light soloistic track; bittersweet sung melody with very little bass & piano; touching
*7.(3:52) full band and a lot of motion, tension; peak fills out with organ and shakers
*8.(2:38) my fav. right now; sleepy bittersweet acoustic number
9.(3:16) kind of hopeful & strummy; cute casio lines in the back of the mix
10.(4:10) knee slappin southern folk
11.(3:27) resigned ballad, light strummed accomp., a little trumpet, whispy drums

Track Listing
1. Filled with Wonder   6. Si Si
2. Faith Children   7. I Saw Reflections
3. Shredder Sequel   8. Understand
4. When You Know Love   9. Do Be
5. Treat It Kind   10. Light Be Bright
  11. So I Finally Belong to the N