Nicols/Kraabel/Hug / Transitions
Album: Transitions   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Nicols/Kraabel/Hug   Added:Apr 2002

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Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2002-08-29
Free improv: Maggie Nicols (voice), Caroline Kraabel (sax, some voice), Charlotte Hug (viola).

Like most stuff on the Emanem label, it's got lots of small noises that combine for a full sound. This is more consistent than many Emanems, though, with more attention to flow, and not as much burstiness as usual.

2 -- 13 minutes of very nice, gradual flow. Vocals get into some nice musical snippets, as opposed to random blabber that most "avant" vocalists prefer. Wish more tracks here were like this one.

3 -- Short, choppy, fast. Very good.

6 -- Busy high squeaks

7 -- Busy, with cool viola glissandos.

Track Listing
1. Undercurrents   4. No Now
2. Lullaby for Clement   5. Hymn Indoors
3. Broken Bridges   6. Coming Out
  7. Up to Earth