Vonnegut, Kurt & Soldier, Dave / Ice- 9 Ballads
Album: Ice- 9 Ballads   Collection:General
Artist:Vonnegut, Kurt & Soldier, Dave   Added:May 2002
Label:Mulatta Records  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-06-11
Kurt Vonnegut orates and writes over music ranging from folky country swing to orchestral compositions with art rock even funk. Overall Carribean calypso flavor. Vonnegut isn’t present on all tracks, many are vocal centric (not kurt). Music composed by Soldier (Thai Elephant Orchestra, etc). Based of course on Cats Cradle, arguably Vonnegut’s finest work. Play before he becomes unstuck in time.

1) old time country swing feel, brief, reading except of near ending of book
2) afro carribean feel, singing
3) dissonant orchestral mixes into disjunct art rock w/ voiceover
4) afro jazz calypso, cool, smarmy, singing
5) old time boogie woogie record sample + clarinet, voiceover comes in after 2 min, dictates life of recorded artist
6) calypso, slow swingy, singing
7) upbeat kalimba type marimba solo, instrumental until bluesy harmonica enters and it takes off w/ everything else, no vocs/voice
8) reggae dub back beat, voice over
9) like 1, narration about theology
10) funky dunky and arty, samples, multifaceted

Track Listing
1. Annihilation Life   6. 14TH Calypso
2. Dyot Meet Mat   7. Mona's Funeral Music
3. Nice Very Nice   8. Big Tyrant
4. 119TH Calypso   9. Folly
5. Duo for Clarinet and Meade   10. East St. Louis 1968