Rumah Sakit / Obscured By Clowns
Album: Obscured By Clowns   Collection:General
Artist:Rumah Sakit   Added:May 2002
Label:Secretly Canadian  

Recent Airplay
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Obscured By Clowns
4. Sep 06, 2004: Short Song Marathon
Are We not Serious? We Are R
2. Jan 16, 2006: Knifefish Happy Hour
German Clock
5. Oct 20, 2002: Oh Messy Life
No One Likes a Grumpy Criple
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Hello Friend this Is My End
6. Sep 08, 2002: Oh Messy Life
Sausage Full of Secrets "Liv

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-06-18
Angular mathy crunching instrumentals mostly. Fans of Trans Am, Touched by a Janitor, things Touch and Go. Complex beats, guitar centered. Local.

1) disjunct improv spacey free-style
2) 11/4, 5/4 timing mostly, loud math rock feel
3) progish, wisp of ‘70’s , driving
4) slower walking jazz swingier, bassline heavy, gets complex
5) almost waltzing gallopy, gets angular, midpaced, dirgey and drony in end
6) brief voices, bass
7) upbeat dissonant post rock feel
8) upbeat, slightly darker, very rockin at times
9) disjunct angular tribal devolves into improv

Track Listing
1. Hello Beginning this Is My N   5. Obscured By Clowns
2. New Underwear Dance   6. Are We not Serious? We Are R
3. No One Likes a Grumpy Criple   7. Sausage Full of Secrets "Liv
4. German Clock   8. Go Horsy Go Live
  9. Hello Friend this Is My End