Lane, Adam/Full Throttle Orche / No(W) Music
Album: No(W) Music   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Lane, Adam/Full Throttle Orche   Added:May 2002
Label:Cadence Jazz  

Recent Airplay
1. Aug 11, 2009: Jena & Gomorrah: big bands
House of Elegant
4. May 07, 2004: Memory Select
House of Elegant
2. Feb 24, 2006: Memory Select
House of Elegant
5. Sep 07, 2003: Oh Messy Life
3. Jul 12, 2005: Umami Jazz Program
Ne Wol Dtune
6. Sep 20, 2002: Memory Select
Grape Ape Meets the Working Man

Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2002-07-18
AWESOME. Picture a tight, big-band-style jazz combo with edgy composing and outright *noise* guitar (Lane's played in Iceburn!). Tight and sophisticated ... but also wild and spastic. Jon Finkbeiner on guitar is a particular treat: While the horns cavort through tight unison curves, he'll back them up with a fucked-up fuzz/noise/distortion sound bed.

All told: 4 horns, one bass, one guitar, drums. Play it til your eyeballs bleed!

1*- Big swirling mesh, followed by cool avant-jazz lines
2*- Snappy, w/odd time signature. Fast and jazzy
3- Slow, pretty song ... juxtaposed with clangy avant-noise guitar
4*- Great swinging themes with mad swirling horns
5- Calm Asian folk song (noise-guitar intro)
6- Fast free-jazz spasms
7*- Midtempo, deep swing. BIG sound, great guitar (normal jazz/blues guitar!), and a bass solo that shows off Lane's awesome, fluid, pinpoint jazz chops.
8- Manic! Start-stop theme, fast soloing.

Track Listing
1. Smack   5. Goro Tokimune
2. House of Elegant   6. Post-Industrial Folksong
3. Grape Ape Meets the ...   7. Blues with Fuzz
4. Ne Wol Dtune   8. Mr. Furry Little Cute ...