Sylvian, David/Robert Fripp / Damage
Album: Damage   Collection:General
Artist:Sylvian, David/Robert Fripp   Added:Jul 2002
Label:Virgin Records America  

Recent Airplay
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Gods Monkey
4. Sep 06, 2002: Memory Select
2. Sep 20, 2002: The sound of 1 hand clapping
Wave, 20TH Century Dreaming, Firepower, Gods Monkey
5. Jul 26, 2002: Memory Select
Gods Monkey
3. Sep 12, 2002: Thursday fun
Gods Monkey

Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2002-07-17
Prog rock on a low-key scale: more texture, more subtleness, no shameless glitz ...

This is a remix/reissue of a 1993 live album. The songs are catchy enough, led by Sylvian's velvety baritone vocals, but the real highlight is in the band. Sylvian is backed by King Crimson, essentially, and many songs spiral off into subtle or ominous grooves, overlaid by Fripp's trademark squeals and burbles. Pop elements, Eastern elements, and experimental twists abound ... and yes, some tracks just plain rock.

1- Slowish slinky grooves; catchy.
2- Chunky midtempo chugger.
3- Slow
4- Poppish and mildly rocking.
5- Slow, powerful guitar blast; twiny Fripp solo
6- Soliloquy: slow, yearning solo voc. with synth wash
7- Clangy minor-key
8- Midtempo, an exciting clutter of guitar and words. Fripp does a wild solo, then it all gets spacey.
9- A pretty song, not bad
10- Also pretty but in a less syrupy way than #9
11- Upbeat, snappy rocker.
12- Slow, sad

Track Listing
1. Gods Monkey   7. Gone to Earth
2. Brightness Falls   8. 20TH Century Dreaming
3. Every Color You Are   9. Wave
4. Jean the Birdman   10. Riverman
5. Firepower   11. Blinding Light of Heaven
6. Damage   12. The First Day