Stalin Claus / Stalin Claus Superstar!
Album: Stalin Claus Superstar!   Collection:General
Artist:Stalin Claus   Added:Jul 2002
Label:No Label  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-11-20
A 3+ hour, 4 disc rock opera based on er, prunes, magic cufflinks, Hitties, Rentina-A, excess facial hair, peat bogs, a talking bed pan, communists, AD&D, pro wrestling and of course, Stalin Claus himself. Musically this is all over the place incorporating all of the following: black metal, country, folk, hip-hop, indie, Italian & French traditional music, waltzes, and show tunes if created by Andrew Jodorworsky or Troma Films. Starring Capt'n Lou Albano in his last major role and Hulk Hogan. Features a wide variety of locals from bands such as The Fleshies (Matt-O-War), Slough Feg (vocalist Mike Scalzi), and Love Songs/Conquest for Death (Craigums). In short, it's absurd, insane and amazing all at the same time!

((((1)))) Crazy opening that sounds like Danny Elfman plus marching bands, walzes and...?!?
(((((2)))) Traditional musical/opera with twist blues/rock fuzz and some Italian sounds.
(((3))) Romping "Disney on crack" musical wiht classical/popera + more French/Italian tempos
((((4)))) Country mixed with oh...say, Italian new wave klezmer circus, Dixieland show tunes?
((((((5)))))) Begins with a skit then jams into killer Black Metal as done by Danny Elfman's "Beetlejuice" score. Lyrics about druids and vikings!
((((6)))) The attack from the indie rock forces commences
(((((7)))) Metallers answer in full with Hulk (Scalzi), the bed pan, and a zany chorus
(((((8))))) (FCCs "FUCKING" & "SHIT" sung 2x each) Weird-ass Zappa-like thingy with Scalzi doing his silly voice and his awesome Metal voice.
(((9)))) Weird cartoon theme like Pink Panther with a bit of Devo & Zappa. WATCH THE FCCs!
((((10)))) Hilarious! Scalzi does off-off-off-off-off-off Broadway tunes for the WWF's Dr. Suess angle.
((((11)))) More show tuney but with Manowar riffs?!?
(((12))) Weird operatic, then proggy-rock soundtrack to 80's fantasy movie.

((((1)))) Not the South Park ("Tim-ay") but a strange version of the Babe Ruth visit to the kid story.
((((2)))) Funky, yet sorta proggy & metal-ish that actually works.
(((3))) (FCCs in beginning) Manowar meets Stephen Sondheim in an ode to parents speaking out on the evils of headbands.
(((4)))) More parent/child "headband controversy" with prog-metal from hell. AND local Metal legend, Mike Scalzi actually RAPS!
(((5))) Boogie funk, chamber opera tune about Rentin-A & an evil mustache.
(((((6)))))) Dr. Randy "Macho Man" Savage drops some science!
((((7)))) The Origins of Slim Jims in Beat Bogs" You never hear this dissertation at Stanford (unless it's on KZSU).
((((8)))) Olde-type fightin' music! Awesome!
(((((9))))) Sumerian visor laden wrestling theme with Italian klezmer ska showtunes dropping from Satan's elbow.
((((10)))) FCC starts with "FUCK". Goes into cartoony tempo with Devo-ish vocals & boogie metal & whatever else they can pull outta their butts.
((11)) Broadway meets Cajun & big band swing. Odd.
(((12)))) Hi-larious rap abut prunes and Mozart.
(((13))) Swingy, drunk Tom Waits-y ode to (yep, again) prunes. Ends with ode to Butthole Surfers & Black Sabbath.
((((14)))) Elf-prog-torch ballad not far from "Flash Gordon" soundtrack by Queen.
(((15))) Jazzy take on the main theme.

((((1)))) Zombie version of MTV's Kurt Loder. Reporting on what's hot & what's not.
((((((2))))))) Amazing, bare bones Black Metal. Some of the best lyrics in the whole album.
(((3))) Indie whiners strike back wiht 'maximum cred' - 2nd best lyrics here.
((((4)))) Response from Metallers.
(((5)))) Rupert Murdoch meets the mustache hairs in an off-off-off-off-off B'way show.
((((6))))) Hilarious Bob Dylan parody.
(((7))) Martian metal meets punk as if imagined by Jim Henson.
(((8)))) Cartoony, ode to Pee Wee's Big Adventure?
((((9)))) The importance of phone lines and beard access.
(((((10))))) Hulk hunts hurriedly for hesh heads with some odd metal-funk that works.
(((11))) Tales of ducts & Reina-A.
((((((12))))))Blade flashin', sword clashin', helmets-a-bashin', Black Metal with turnbucklin' fury!
((((13)))) Prune transmorphing powers let loose upon the Hulkster - uh, oh!
((((14)))) Elf laden, omlet Metal via very off-Broadway theme.

(((((1))))) Funny phone call to tech-support for yer rock opera. Too bad The Who and Pink Floyd didn't think of it first. Also alludes to the legend of Ronnie Dio turning up the vocals on "Live Evil".
(((2))) Kooky stuff with a lisping bouncer & some guy trading off lines in klezmer Cajun hell.
((((3)))) Herve Villachez, Metal, Indie & Rupert Murdoch. 3rd best lyrics of the opera.
((((4)))) A mambo (?!) about: omlettes, Retin-A & Commie Santas.
(((5))) Similar to the off-off-off-off-off Broadway tunes but still fun.
((((6)))) Gangster rap that disses elves?!? Why not?!?
((((7)))) Stalin Claus & co. take over the TV.
(((8))) 50's style rock dealing with: Black Metal, Tolkien and the like.
(((9))) A chorus of muppets fronted by a pro-Metal dude.
(((10))) Thor/Hulk (both played by Scalzi) reflects on his upcoming match & webles.
((((11))))) Of COURSE Vince McMahon would get involved with this (bastard!) - he's looking for profits, naturally. (As Butch "The Natural" Reed would say).
((((12))) The helmet speaketh back to Thor whilst weird Casio techo jams go off.
((((13)))) Carl Sagan comments on the match of the era.
((((14))))A most epic battle to usurp all epic battle epics. Manowar + Sondheim x Don King = hella pay per-view bucks.
((((15)))) Stalin reflects on what's just gone down & laments.
((((16)))) A stab at the "In Heaven" tune from Eraserhead done Mariachi style (!?). 4th best lyrics of the opera. Winner of best title here.
((((17)))) Ending theme - Danny Elfman + German military parade x Richie Blackmore-ish twang.

Track Listing
1. Hey, Check Out Our Opera!   29. Cred Galore
2. Oh, Mighty Bedpan   30. Metal Rebuttal
3. Fuckin' Ancient Sumer   31. Loser Gets Shaved
4. It's Ok, I'm A Hittite Salesman!   32. An Irate Hair I
5. Kaos in My Beard   33. Face Down In A Booth In The Viper Room
6. Neener Neener   34. Daring Young Bristle
7. Allright, You Little Comatose-Maniac!!!   35. Winnie The Pooh's Unwitting Beard-Grafflin' Progeny
8. The Bodyslamming Of The Flowcharts (In Full Effect)   36. Hessian Head Harvest
9. Self-Ripping Shirt Negotiations   37. Meningeduct Aria
10. Harold's Cufflinks Spew Advice   38. It's On (Cap'n 187'um)
11. Self-Ripping Shirt Outro   39. Orchestral Maneuvers In The Prune
12. Lil Timmy   40. Omelet Jacking for Dummies
13. Headbands Ahoy!   41. Opera Tech Support
14. Headband Hair   42. Lisping Bouncer Bamboozling
15. Dumb Gladiatorial Link   43. Enter Spectral Villechez
16. Meninge O.D.   44. That's Not How You Spell Omlette
17. Slim Jim Interlude   45. Stalin Claus
18. M.S.G.'s Lament   46. Check Your Elf Before You Wreck Your Elf
19. Fighting Music Ensues   47. Sitcom Revolution
20. Demise Of The Grudge-Wielding, Visor Laden Grapplin' Hurrian   48. The Challenge
21. Flowcharts of the Damned   49. The Weeble Tilts Tonight
22. Bring on the Mirrors!   50. Thor's Rasslin' Recap
23. Plum Harvest Of The Other Damned   51. Erpituity-Pay
24. Down with Omp   52. Sax Solo
25. Elves in Our Midst!   53. Sagan Monologue
26. Main Theme Again!   54. The Epic-Est Battle
27. M.T.V. News Brief   55. Raisin in My Arms
28. As Seen On Oprah   56. In Valhalla, Everything Is Fine
  57. Breakin' 2: Electric Cap'n Lou