Gallo, Vincent / Recordings of Music for Film
Album: Recordings of Music for Film   Collection:General
Artist:Gallo, Vincent   Added:Jul 2002
Label:Warp Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2002-10-09
My first surefire album week pick. Short (1-2min), minimal arragements of ideas of songs (play one or two or ten). Mostly acoustic instrumentals, sometimes treated with pedals and effects. All tracks have their own mood, but the album works together as one long, dark, beautiful reverie. Put on this subtle, evocative record, puff a pipe, and watch the grey rain drip from the eaves. –nari

1. haunting jazzy song for clarinet and guitar (return in trcks 15)
2. moderate tempo punchy folk song, transposed down to bass
3. whale moans
4. serene; piano melody, warm synth, and gentle cymbal skids
5. idly picking around on acoustic guitar, piano accomp.
6. slow, lurching keyboard melody moves from dark to light to dark
7. ocean waves ambiance
8. stephen basho-junghans esque; dark acoustic meldoy with tension
and subtle dynamics changes
*9. cooing strands of electric guitar; thoughtful, resigned
10. marimba, assorted percussion ensemble; rhythmic, plinky
*11. layered out of phase acoustic guitars, punctuated by glockenspiel
12. taiko
13. dirgey detuned bass underneath eastern sounding melody
14. acoustic guitar and deep, pungent chords trudging/toiling along
*15. track 1 elaboration: tragic clarinet & guitar duet, some pan flute
*16. delicate, plaintive female vocals, jazzy melody
*17. beautiful, regretful acoustic guitar waltz
18. tranquility interrupted with industrial music?? hey man nice shot
*19. tender jazzy instrumental; electric guitar and slides
20. dreamy, wraith-like smears of tuba and ambiance
21. raining stalactites tinkling against a crystal cave floor
22. slow chordal piano piece
23. moving, uncomplicated solo guitar
24. synth pad beat
*25. cascading echoes of guitar chords; melancholy
26. spider singing machine gun
*27. souful acoustic guitar solo with a flamenco style pick
28. crunchy no wave noise
29. poor recording of a keyboard and skronk trumpet

Track Listing
1. Her Smell Theme   15. Her Smell Theme
2. The Girl of Her Dreams   16. Lonely Boy
3. A Brown Lung Hollering   17. Falling Down Billy Brown
4. The Way It Is Waltz   18. Drowning in Brown
5. Glad to Be Unhappy   19. A Somewhere Place
6. Brown Storm Poem   20. A Wet Cleaner
7. Good Bye Sadness, Hello Deah   21. Sixteen Seconds Happy
8. Brown Daisies   22. With Smiles & Smiles & Smils
9. And a Colored Sky Colored...   23. A Cold and Grey Summer Day
10. Fishing for Some Friends   24. Brown 69
11. Six Laughs Once Happy   25. Dum Beet
12. Sunny and Cloudy   26. Me and Her
13. No More Papa Mama   27. Ass Fucker
14. Fatty and Skinny   28. Ass Fucker (Reprise)
  29. I Think the Sun Is Coming..