Dying Californian, the / Dying Californian, the
Album: Dying Californian, the   Collection:General
Artist:Dying Californian, the   Added:Aug 2002
Label:Turn Records  

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That Awkward Stare
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That Awkward Stare
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Celestial Glow

Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2002-09-23
The Dying Californian "The Dying Californian" - A four person band that used to be Nuzzle (hardcore kids). Now they are putting out melancholy tunes that use either clean electric or acoustic guitars. Most songs are on the slow side with pleading, whiny vocals but really nice harmonies. I really liked the songs in the middle the best. All the others I found a little boring. Overall it's pretty nice indie rock, but nothing amazing.
My Picks: 3, 4
Katie P. 9/23/02

1) Strumming acoustic guitar with harmonized vocals. Midtempo tune. Pretty dreary feeling.
2) Clean electric guitar and a band. Has an oscillating sound with the guitars. Lead male vocals with some harmonies for back-ups. Midtempo tune that gets a little louder at times adding stronger bass, harsher guitars, and more percussion.
3) Just slightly faster with a cool beat. Organ along with other instruments in this one. Really nice harmonies. Kind of repetitive, but in a good way. It keeps building on itself.
4) Acoustic guitar. Quiet and intimate feeling. Kind of slow and dragging, but it keeps moving. More guitars are added along with some percussion. Kind of pleading, whiny vocals. Really nice instrumentally.
5) Electric guitar and drums. It keeps adding more instruments and vocals. Very repetitive again, but not in a bad way. Midtempo song.
6) A bonus song, it appears. Starts with snare drum. Adds guitars slowly. Pretty dismal and dreary sounding song. Dragging midtempo.

Track Listing
1. On the Lam   3. That Awkward Stare
2. Springtime Is for Suckers   4. Celestial Glow
  5. One Thousand Lights