Scott, Raymond Orchestrette, The / Pushbutton Parfait
Album: Pushbutton Parfait   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Scott, Raymond Orchestrette, The   Added:Sep 2002
Label:Evolver Records  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2002-09-19
The Raymond Scott Orchestrette "Pushbutton Parfait" - This is a group of 7 musicians performing some of Raymond Scott's compositions. In case you don't know, Raymond Scott is one of the coolest composers of the 20th century writing stuff from about 1930-1980 or so. The style is hard to classify. It's jazzy, but also feels like classical and big band music too. Many of his works became cartoon soundtrack classics (like the Cartoon Network theme and of course many WB cartoons) and you will certainly recognize some tunes on here. Some songs are totally zany and wild and others are cool laid-back jazzy numbers. There are also acoustic renditions of some of his electronic compositions (and it's worth noting here to check out the Manhattan Research Inc. box set if interested in the electronic stuff). Every single song on here is totally amazing. So why are you still reading this? Play it already!!
My Picks: 1, 2, 7, 8, 11, 12
Katie P. 9/19/02

1) Starts fast with pounding drums and a kooky bouncy tune. Mostly saxophone and some other things that sound like "whoos." Nice accordion and great percussion work. Wow, this is so rich with instruments and it's totally fun!!
2) Starts with a cool upright bass line. Adds a piano and violin. Very cool laid-back jazz feel with some modern classical too. Whoa, it even gets a little psychedelic at times. Interesting play between saxophone, accordion, and violin. You wouldn't expect those to blend so well. Wow.
3) Oscillating violin to start and adding swirling accordion. Turns into a swinging jazzy classical tune. Changes mood several times throughout, but keeps that same slight jazzy and slight classical feel. Great mood music.
4) Starts minimal and quiet with plinking and plunkings. Bouncy accordion tune that almost sounds like a march but it's still really silly. Wow, it gets really out of control fast and furious, and then suddenly drops to a piano and a slow classical bit. Then it picks back up to a cute bouncy tune.
5) Slow dreary piano and low sounds. Slow and mysterious. Really drags and has a nice mood. Feels like someone walking around a dirty city.
6) Accordions give a goofy blippy feel. More instruments come in with the same style. Falls into a weird swing style tune that is sometimes like party music, other times cooler, and other times awkward and clumsy feeling.
7) Adapted from one of his electronic pieces. You can feel the looping. Sweet lullaby. Wow, this is great.
8) Has a very far east sound. This was originally composed for the 1946 Mary Martin Broadway musical (Lute Song). Sort of slow and dragging. Some bird and wildlife sounds in the background. Then all of a sudden it turns into a goofy party tune. Wow! This is so great! Drops into a weird oom-pa-pa tune and then back to the far east sound.
9) Starts a little ominous and then falls into a cool jazzy slow dance number for a black tie affair. Pops up with some faster jazz swing on the same tune and then feels like big band. And eventually gets back to the beginning again.
10) Fast and bouncy. Almost a furious feel. Very kooky. Drops into a jazzy bass line and then lightens up a little. Definitely has a cartoon feel.
11) Syncopated start that turns into a mysterious tune that almost feels like it could be a James Bond song. Drops into a cool bass line and a recognizable song (except slightly different). Picks up the tempo and then gets back to the first tune. This is so cool. So many instruments layered in here.
12) Starts wit h a drum roll. Fast, zany, and swirling furiously. Wow, this is so cool. Of course several changes in the song, but man is it good.

Track Listing
1. Twilight in Turkey   7. Little Miss Echo
2. Tobacco Auctioneer   8. Mountain High, Valley Low
3. Peter Tambourine   9. Coming Down to Earth
4. A Street Corner in Paris   10. Oil Gusher
5. Naked City   11. The Sleepwalker Meets The Huckleberry Duck In An 18th Century Drawing Room
6. The Penguin   12. Powerhouse