Vandals, the / Internet Dating Super Studs
Album: Internet Dating Super Studs   Collection:General
Artist:Vandals, the   Added:Sep 2002
Label:Kung Fu Records  

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Album Review
Kareem Ghanem
Reviewed 2002-10-22
The Vandals are known for their funny-punk schtick. This is their ninth or tenth album. You’ll have to decide for yourself if they’re still funny or if they ever were. The music itself is pretty standard So-Cal punk. If you play this, it’ll likely be because of the lyrics. A little blurb about each track…
1. FCC warning, shit, thumb up your ass, etc.
2. Weird love song.
3. This is one of my favorites on the CD. Sample lyric: “I smell your clothes / I smell your sheets / I wish that smell had come from me.”
4. About a kid with a disproportionate head. Kinda funny, but only once or twice.
5. Deranged and obsessive love letter to a soccer mom with bratty kids.
6. Blah.
7. FCC warning. One “asshole” thrown in.
8. Break-up song.
9. FCC. One “fuck” at the beginning. Other than that, a neat song including a piano!
10. Random song about loving from afar. Again, a bit twisted.
11. FCC. “Shit” in the chorus.
12. Mourning the victims of sushi culture (i.e. “anything that goes with wasabe”). One of the funnier ones here.
13. About a guy who has conflicting feelings about his brother being gay.
14. Funny! Claims that the world’s new messiah is the guy from “Lord of the Dance,” a man who “can make Zima out of Perrier.”

Track Listing
1. 43210-1   8. I Can't Wait
2. Appreciate My Honesty   9. Where's Your Dignity
3. Im Becoming You   10. My Brain Tells My Body
4. Disproportioned Head   11. When I Say You, I Mean Me
5. Soccer Mom   12. The Inseen Tears of the Alb
6. We'll All Get Laid   13. My Brother Is Gay
7. Little Wierdo   14. Lord of Dance