Various Artists / Presence 3
Album: Presence 3   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Nov 2002
Label:Pep Records  

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Recent Airplay
1. Jul 31, 2010: lost and found
Wave Break
4. Sep 30, 2003: The Digital/Analog War
Double Exposure
2. Oct 14, 2003: The Digital/Analog War
Wave Break
5. Sep 24, 2003: Brownian Motion
Les Ponts De L'espace
3. Oct 07, 2003: The Digital/Analog War
Mechanism 2
6. Sep 19, 2003: Can't Argue with Cash
Soleil Qui Inode Mes

Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2003-10-05
Surreal soundscapes of "electroacoustic" music. Great abstract stuff, ranges from glacial atmospheric sounds to fast, aggressive, scratch-your-eyes-out noises. Very sci-fi stuff.

1- Aggressive motorized rumble
2*- Metallic rippling sounds, almost musical in spots
4*- Sinister soundtrack music, slow
6- *FCC* "asshole" ... Jumble of voices and other sounds, sparse start/stop process
7*- Ringing and swooshing noises, wind chimes of the Future
8- Fast pulse, epilepsy inducing
9- Slow ringing
10- Crunching, like sand rubbed on a table
12- Angry loud chirps, like insane robot monkeys
13- Strangely springy groans. With tennis-match sounds. ("Out!"). Ends with dynamic and more evil noises
14- Annoying, dizzying stereo effects
15*- Loud glowing sounds in a sparse landscape

16- Small pizzacatto sounds
17*- Slow, ghostly, w/Scottish guy talking
18- Booming twangs and some cutesly squawks
19*- Echoing metallic sounds, slow
20- Atonal Casio notes over a staticky hum
21- Calming water noises, occasional accordion
22- Quiet crackling, gets briefly loud
23*- Wacky, based on found sounds from busy restaurants? Later: acoustic harplike instruments, fast and dissonant
24- Evil pulse and slow piercing wails for 3 mins., then quieter and lurking. Ends with a big evil mass.
26- Emotive poetry
27*- Serious cello, burning/crackling sounds, playful robotic twangs
28- Manipulated castanet sounds, fast and clacky
29- Mostly quiet, gets fierce for a brief time

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Kristi Allik Machine Symphony Ex.
2. James Bentley Double Exposure
3. David Berezan In a Cold Light
4. James Caldwell Mechanism 2
5. Grant Chu Covell Octet with Puzzle
6. Ian Chuprun "I Was Very Safe.. in My"
7. John Duesenberry Wave Break
8. Martin Fumarola Estatismo
9. Martin Fumarola Sc
10. Thomas Gerwin Fontaine De Vaucluse
11. Martin Gotfrit Balloon
12. Camille Goudeseune Rarae Aves
13. David Hirst Mon Dieu
14. Matthew Kober X-Ray Spex
15. Tony K.T. Leung When Light First Shrone
16. Tung-Lung Lin Mirror of Time
17. Sylvi Maccormac Penny: a Process
18. Sophia Male Alarm Calls
19. Michael Matthews On the Outer Edge
20. David R. Mooney The Llama Strut
21. Adrian Moore Becalmed 1
22. Rick Nance This Is not a Model
23. Steven Naylor Irrashaimase
24. Dale Perkins Submariene
25. Laurie Radford Les Ponts De L'espace
26. Ewan Stephani Blue Balloons
27. Pascale Trudel Soleil Qui Inode Mes
28. Rodney Waschka Ii Still Life with Castanets
29. Richard Zvonar, Robert Black Massif