Chomsky, Noam / New War on Terrorism, the
Album: New War on Terrorism, the   Collection:Spoken Word
Artist:Chomsky, Noam   Added:Nov 2002
Label:Alternative Tentacles Records  

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Why Do They Hate Us, Turning Against the Master, Cia and Terrorism

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-12-02
MIT linguistics genius delivers commentary on recent events. Chomsky is consistent for being a voice of reason and observation. Pretty amazing that he along with Howard Zinn and Jello Biafra haven’t been locked up or assassinated. A lot of this sounds like he is fracturing his spine, bending to not get himself kicked out of MIT, somehow restrained, tip toeing and taking a long circuitous route to call a spade a spade. That’s understandable considering this was recorded October 18, 2001, while the ruins of the WTC were still smoldering. But Chomsky’s style has always been that, to build an argument in the most well researched, water-tight method possible. Unfortunately, at the rate that things have changed, a lot of this feels outdated already and not too deep. No talk of civil liberties, Iraq, etc. That said, get some good drone-noise going as sound bed and play this stuff. Chomsky is one of the few intelligent voices of our time; I cant imagine a world without him.

1) intro
2) Afghanistan, crippled miserable country to begin with, creation of starvation via “war”
3) commentary on 9-11 wrt the US
4) US atrocities abroad throughout history, Europe, how the world views 9-11 as opposed to us
5) “what is the war against terrorism”, more atrocities by the US- Nicaragua and how the US showed its hypocrisy in the World Court/Security Council and basically used terrorism against Nicaragua
6) “Terrorism Works”, is the weapon of the strong
7) “what is terrorism?”, US and Israeli opposition to a UN resolution against terrorism… more hypocrisy because of our use of terrorism; again though, Chomsky doesn’t flat out say this, he just implies it
8) the origins of the 9-11 crimes, US involvement in Afghanistan, mujahadeen, USSR, etc
9) international, Russians
10) “why do they hate us?”: More succinct, finally says some good stuff…calls that spade a spade, finally!
11) terrorism mechanics, FBI helplessness
12) solutions, credibility
13) Haiti, other hypocrisy, initiatives to deal with Afghanistan
14) comical commentary on semantics of the war

Track Listing
1. Assumptions, Questions and   8. Cia and Terrorism
2. Afghanistan   9. Turning Against the Master
3. Attacks on the Us   10. Why Do They Hate Us
4. Attacks By the West   11. Combatting Terror
5. Terrorism and the War on Nic   12. International Relations and
6. Terrorism Works   13. Sensible Solutions
7. Freedom Fighters and Terrori   14. Reducing Terror, Enduring Fr