Microphones, the / Song Islands
Album: Song Islands   Collection:General
Artist:Microphones, the   Added:Nov 2002
Label:K Records  

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I Can't Believe You Actually
4. Apr 20, 2015: Shytown
The Moon
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5. Aug 07, 2008: Undrinkably Bad Oddities
3. Apr 27, 2015: Shytown
Deeply Buried
6. Dec 13, 2007: At Your Local Dive
Bass Drum Dream

Album Review
Reviewed 2002-11-20
This is earnest, experimental but unaffected noise pop. Lo-fi genius. This has some old ones, some new ones, and some new versions of old ones. Phil Elvrum's boyishly sweet voice and the spontaneous feel of these tracks makes it sound like a recording of a kid fooling around and banging things in the band hall. Songs by The Microphones often sound like experiments in sound, with an innocent, Modest-Mouse-style voice singing pop melodies to smooth it out. -nari

1. big bass drum with a march-like beat and happy chimes
2. one minute of noise
3. sloppy beats and beautiful lull with whispered regret. ends loud.
4. impulsive noisy drums alternate with tender, personal vocals; experiments with lo-fi buzzes, clinks, beats, snares, clipping, et all
5. lovely portrait of a storm, with a narrative and thunder crashes
6. this one goes to 11 …overamped buzz & noise, energetic high pulse
7. I think this is the track with Mira. Very pretty acoustic duet.
8. quicker pulse carefree acoustic solo
9. great stay-on-the-sunny-side acoustic song with some sort of ramshackle choir (middle schoolers?) , violinist, and shakers,. J
10. bright , simple folk tune, with the choir, some textured noise
11. yes!! completely quiet, intimate version of "The Moon." regret.
12. fuzzy version of "The Moon" with the trumpets, no vocals
13. chilly, dark tune with a big round bass sound, female vocals
14. ok this is my fav. PLAY THIS! soo pretty aimlessly plucked guitar and remorseful vocals, builds to layered vocals & piano
15. very quiet somber song with a bell like a death knell, atmospheric reversed guitar; ends in warm ambience
16. dark,dirty rock with big amp electric guitar, moments of strings
17. loud peak with wild drum banging and pleads "I listen to you!"
18. cute video game (casio) cheerful tune, youngish sounding chorus
19. short chugga-chugga song, really nice harmonies, piano
20. short acoustic strummy song; sings his will "phil elvrum's will"
21. short (I got tired)

Track Listing
1. Bass Drum Dream   11. The Moon
2. The Storm   12. (Version)
3. Where It's Hotter Pts. 1,2,3   13. Lanterns
4. Feedback   14. Antlers
5. Weird Storm   15. Deeply Buried
6. Heavy Eyes   16. Wake Me Up
7. Moon Moon   17. I Listen Close
8. I Lost My Wind   18. The Glow Pt. 4 (Version)
9. I Can't Believe You Actually   19. You're Standing on the Groun
10. I'm a Pearl Diver   20. Phil Elvrum's Will
  21. There's no Invincible Disgui