String Quartet, the / Tribute to John Lennon
Album: Tribute to John Lennon   Collection:Classical
Artist:String Quartet, the   Added:Jan 2003
Label:Vitamin Records  

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Beautiful Boy, Jealous Guy

Album Review
Mandy Khoshnevisan
Reviewed 2003-08-07
A very pretty album, both as a standalone and in the John Lennon cover context. All the players have great tone, they blend well, they create actual music, and the arrangements are good. Most of the covers are successful and all the tracks are playable.

*1. Jealous Guy--even, wistful, nice counterpoints, good arrangement, not overly cheesy
*2. Just Like Starting Over—driving, urgent tempo
*3. Beautiful Boy—sounds almost like Chinese music, more pentatonic at the beginning
4. Watching the Wheels—a sparser orchestration, where the melody is more obvious; reproducing the vocal rhythm on violin sounds awkward.
5. Mind Games—fuller orchestration, more constant sound, wistful, slow
6. Give Peace a Chance—like the original, too long and repetitive. Constant tambourine beat throughout entire song.
7. Instant Karma—steady driving beat, isolated melody line. Nice harmonies on the chorus.
8. Imagine—the melody is in the cello during the verses, so it sounds lower and more mournful.
*9. Woman—dense orchestrations, with more changes in tempo and key than some of the other songs. More dramatic-sounding.
*10. Someday (original)—very pretty and wistful; the most dramatic, soaring piece on the album. It sounds like what they wished the other tracks sounded like.

Track Listing
1. Jealous Guy   6. Give Peace a Chance
2. Just Like Starting Over   7. Instant Karma
3. Beautiful Boy   8. Imagine
4. Watching the Wheels   9. Woman
5. Mind Games   10. Someday