Mendoza Line, the / If They Knew this Was the End
Album: If They Knew this Was the End   Collection:General
Artist:Mendoza Line, the   Added:Apr 2003
Label:Bar/None Records  

Album Review
Reviewed 2003-05-04
Re-issue of band’s first release, with some additional tracks. Mostly indie rock, with some elements of and pop. Male vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and hints of a few other instruments. Vocals are breathy, dreamy, and restrained. The music tends to drown out the vocals and make the vocals sound hazy. Recommend 1,4,5,11,13.
1 – rural and twangy, drums are fast but soft, vocals almost lo-fi and echoey; most country of any track
2 – med-fast with crunchy guitar
3 – fast, jumpy vocals and guitar
4 – slow, soft guitar, keyboards, breathy drawn-out male and female vocals, lovely horn near end (track 4 blends into track 5, but you can play either track without the other just fine)
5 – folksy, dreamy vocals, simple drum pattern, twangy giddyup beat with linear vocals
6 – med, ringing guitar
7 – simple straightforward indie rock; last 0:15 sudden slowdown
8 – vocals over repetitive guitar
9 – simple crunchy guitar beat
10 – faster
11 – bigger beat, louder spiraling guitars, crisper vocals, more energetic rock
12 – really starts after 30 sec, slow, dreamy, meandering with nice instrumental interlude
13 – med, strummy guitar, bigger drums, crisper vocals, has pulse and energy
14 – simple and cute beat
15 – faster, jumpy, poppy
16 – first half is very slow, sparse, languid, lo-fi background conversation voices with simple twang and drum beat, then last half is med-fast rock
17 – med-fast pop beat with occasional warbly space noises
18 – different version of 7, simple beat

Track Listing
1. I Behaved that Way   10. Running with An Older Crowd
2. Comeback   11. Small Town Napoleons
3. The Seventh Round   12. 140 Lbs Doesn't Make
4. The Aragon and Trianon   13. Jefferson
5. Wiretapping   14. Molly, Please Stop
6. This Charm   15. Camera Shy
7. Dollars to Donuts   16. I Never Had a Chance
8. If You Knew Her As I Know Hr   17. Shy Routine
9. I Know I Will   18. Dollars to Donuts Demo