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Album: Quake Trap Collective   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Apr 2003
Label:Quaketrap Recordings  

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Save Your Changes
4. Jul 21, 2005: Trip Over Zero
Where Is Your G--D?
2. Nov 26, 2011: Music Casserole
Interstate 5
5. Feb 21, 2005: Stirling's Approximation
Conspiracy, Interstate 5
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Where Is Your G--D?
6. May 20, 2004: Trip Over Zero

Album Review
Reviewed 2003-04-28
Lot’s of local experimental stuff! (most of it’s local anyway) hip hop, trip hop, cut and paste electronica. Truly this is some of the best electronica I’ve heard in a while. Play it!

(((1))) Fem vocals over creative beats and piano melody. Conscious lyrics.(think Tricky) (((2))) dark synth sounds. vocal samples, scratching like sounds, buzzes, swirls. Beat revs up a little into the song. 3) *FCC* hip hop with basic production. repetitive beeps, bass line. Production becomes spacey at times. ((4)) 2 male MC’s with fast beat, distortion and spacey beeps. Good stuff, and clean! 5) varied electronic beats, guitar, vocals singing long notes (haunting) and a woman speaking quickly and rhythmically but not rapping. ((6)) fast beat, droning electric sound with beeps and distortions. Light keyboard melody plays. Becomes light fuzz, and high pitched bell sounds melody. Ends as only light fuzz. 7) *FCC* , dancey, fuzzy beat. Some piano. Male MC. Nice song. Good rhymes. 8) male MC, slow keyboard melody with a fast light beat. 9) fast beats, repetitive keyboard melodies, strings. Fem vocals. (((10))) slow strings. Outerspacey and hard beats.yoko solo! 11) *FCC* Nice dark production. Deep fuzzed sound, light electronic sounds, scratching, samples. Male MC’s, fem back-up vocals. ((12)) male MC, keyboard, simple beat. Drums, horn, come in later. Ends with some distorted and more interesting production. 13) airy and dark synth sounds, with a light fast beat. Fem singing slightly off key. MC’s come in later. (14)) another nice electronic song. Fuzzy noise, something of a beat made from lots of different sounds. synth comes in later. Electric saw type noise enters in around 2:00. male moaning comes in late. ((16)) guitar, fast drum beat. Eerie sounds. male MC comes in late. ((17)) fastish beat, guitar, male MC’s.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Macromantics Conspiracy
2. Yoko Solo Sugar and Red Wine
3. Thug Emporium Sideways
4. Pancake Circus Mis Hermanos
5. Noon 1000 Miles
6. Thumbtack Smoothie Save Your Changes
7. Defenders of the Faith Unconditional
8. Noon/Issac Sexmoneydrugs
9. Macromantics Where Is Your G--D?
10. Yoko Solo Interstate 5
11. Thug Emporium Gangsta
12. Pancake Circus Cold Shoulder
13. Noon Had a Dime
14. Thumbtack Smoothieaith Sea Foam Grain
15. Defenders of the Faith Captain's Revenge
16. Noon Instigating