Garay, Minino / Los Tambores Del Sur
Album: Los Tambores Del Sur   Collection:World
Artist:Garay, Minino   Added:Apr 2003
Label:Sunnyside Communications  

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1. Jun 21, 2003: Morning Glory

Album Review
Reviewed 2003-05-06
From Argentina, now in Montreal. A bit of rock, a little jazz, a lot of Gainsbourg-like spoken vocals. The band is good (as is the chorus), and the instrumental tracks aren’t too bad, but I’m not a big fan of his voice, which is gruff w/ frequently overly-dramatic tone. It’s ok, but I think he’s trying so hard to be cool that he’s pretentious.

1. Generic uptempo rock.
2. Nice percussion/flutes/use of chorus. Uptempo.
3. Slow and melodramatic.
4. Violin-driven dance which gets more serious.
*5. Pipes, chorus, better vocals than most. Upbeat.
*6. Relaxed, lightly jazzy mid-tempo instrumental.
7. Spoken-word against spare jazz. Very low key.
*8. Turns into a big jazz jam. Nice sax.
9. Uptempo chorus/jazz/driving percussion/piano. Not bad.
10. Down/mid tempo w/ kind of whiny vocal & strings.
11. Instrumental, updated folk dance w/strings/perc.
12. Uptempo jazz instrumental. Kind of anti-climactic.
13. Flutes, falsetto chorus, jazz band…why?


Track Listing
1. Caribe   7. Speaking Tango
2. Onomatopee   8. Elisa
3. Sombras   9. 20 Anos De Passion
4. Chacarera Del Violin   10. Mitos
5. La Celosa De Tu Vieja   11. Gato De Cosquin
6. Tema De Maela   12. Venga
  13. Louanges Du Sud