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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Apr 2003
Label:Mute Records  

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4. Dec 23, 2003: Civil Society
Nag Nag Nag
2. Dec 08, 2010: panic@!#$%
Nothing at All
5. Jun 18, 2003: bite and hide
Join in the Chant
3. Jun 26, 2005: Thoed In The Game
The Great Rock & Roll Swindl
6. Jun 06, 2003: The Digital/Analog War
Scratch Mass

Album Review
Reviewed 2003-05-04
Techno-industrial music from one of the biggest labels putting out this music over the past twenty years. Blippy acid to cold funk to snarly machine music - but nothing that won't make you want to move.
Note: The CD-R contains the MP3-only tracks from the CDs, converted to AIFF so as to be playable in KZSU CD players.

1. High BPM, occasional tweaky acid effects
2. Mechano-voice and dirty electronics over a pretty smooth beat
3. Faux-piano chords repeated over fast beat
4. "Trans-Europe Express"/Kraftwerk tribute (well, charitably - it could be a shameless ripoff)
5. You know Speedy J, right? All his songs are bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam! Submit!
6. An element of funk in the clipped basslines
7. Old timers, note how even the fascist barking of the original wasn't so cold that it couldn't be further depersonalized. Youngsters, behold one of the famous dance-floor hits of the 90s, sped up, and stripped clean for today's hyperstyles. All, shake your asses and "join in the chant"!
8. Industrial hip-hop scratch exhibition

1. Bogus "scientific" pronouncements and observations over a tense loop
2. The proto-punk-industrial single from 1979 emerging here from the chop shop with some its prime parts (a snarling distorted guitar hook) replaced with the types of random found sounds that the old Cabaret Voltaire were so fond of - of course, sampling is much simpler today than in 1979
3. Possibly the dumbest "lyric" ever put to music; the lyric is "wuh!", the music is a rolling bit of industrial mayhem
4. A challenger for dumbest lyric; the music is catchy though
5. Massive sequencer-driven tune that goes nowhere but is at least hypnotic
6. Soooo tedious
7. Sharp rhythm - I guess that's because the "rhythm is on a mission" - and rolling bass
8. African-flavored wood and metal drum figures done in a minimalist style

1. Pounding rhythm
2. A more interesting and chunky rhythm
3. Speedy J hyperdrive ... what, like 200 BPM?
4. Nitzer Ebb is always so doomy/serious with their ominous chords; Derrick May adds some funk
5. Elastic, funky bassline
6. Minimally melodic and rhythmically solid, corny dance-instruction record samples
7. Builds up to a remix of the pounding rhythm of track 1, with the addition of a nasty layer of noise
8. Remix of the originally nasty and noisy track from CD2, track 2; here the noise guitar has been buried in a bouncy happy disco rhythm and the vocals, now moer melodic, have been foregrounded; the effect of the song is diminished, I think
9. Nondescript techno-funk
10. Electro-wave sound of synth-bass; reminiscent of perhaps a Numbers remix
11. Relentlessly building up to ... a letdown
12. A title like the latest mega-marketed wonder-pharmaceutical and a sound like a tired generic formulation

Tracks on CD-R:
1. Steve Stoll - Observer (original)
2. Acid Casuals - Code
3. Speedy J - Bugmod
4. Nitzer Ebb vs. Derrick May - Shame (mayday mix)
5. Tim Wright - The Walk
6. S.I. Futures - Freestyle Disco (buckfunk 3000 remix)
7. Steve Stoll - Observer (remake)
8. Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag (tiga & zyntherius full version)
9. Needledust - Speedfreek
10. Debasser - Funk Tube
11. 1st Bass - Slam Me Down
12. Umek - Zalonex

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Acid Casuals Filthy Pitch
2. Wright, Tim Searcher
3. Umek Tikonal
4. S.I. Futures Eurostar
5. Speedy J Kreck
6. Slater, Luke Nothing at All
7. Nitzer Ebb Join in the Chant
8. Earnest Honest Scratch Mass
9. Echoboy Sudwestfunk NO.5
10. Cabaret Voltaire Nag Nag Nag
11. Needledust Wuh!
12. Debasser Fat Girls
13. 1ST Bass Trails of the Unexpected
14. Raumschmiere, T. The Great Rock & Roll Swindl
15. Weekhout, Hans Rhythm Is on a Mission
16. Plastikman Afrika