Anthrax / We've Come for You All
Album: We've Come for You All   Collection:General
Artist:Anthrax   Added:Jun 2003
Label:Sanctuary Records  

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Album Review
Orges Beqiri
Reviewed 2003-09-21
Anthrax – We’ve Come For You All (Sanctuary Records)
Alright! The new Anthrax is here, after many, many delays and far too much bullshit, and it’s on fucking fire! This is excellent! John Bush’s vocals have always been great, and this time around it’s no different; they’re right on, aggressive when need be, and more soulful than ever. The riffing is stupendous, Scott Ian is a fucking crazy monster. The solos are great, with cool guest guitarists doing cool shit. The drums... well, on some parts Charlie sounds like he has 10 arms; on others it’s only 5. This is a full-on fucking drum clinic. Frank Bello’s bass is once again audible, and absolutely killer. There’s a lot of variety in the songs, from old school classic ‘Thrax material to more modern sounding rock stuff; basically something for everyone, metal-heads and non-metal-heads alike. This is awesome! Definitely a top-10 of the year.

1) Wall of acoustic guitars that slowly build up and segue into...
2) Holy shit! It starts out with some staccato drum-n-riff work, then double bass, then badass metal! Comes complete with breakdown, solo, and mosh-inducing chorus. A true insta-classic.
3) Awesome riff that sounds a bit like Megadeth gives way to creepy feedback-laden whispered vocal part. Scream-out-loud chorus, just simply awesome, followed by more breakdown-madness and solo that shreds.
4) Starts out acoustic, but only for a few seconds, and then fucking blasts your head right off. Check out that bass riff, dude!
5) Oh, man... This is the album’s first single, and it’s a great hard rock masterpiece of a love song. Very emotional, very touching, recommended for everyone because it’s probably the most accessible song on here.
6) Another haunting acoustic intro that morphs into a great driving rock rhythm. I really like this one.
7) Hot damn! The drumming on this has to be heard to be believed. I swear, there’s no way this is one man with only two arms and two legs. And it’s not just fast shit, either, it’s complex, intricate rhythms. Fuckin’ wicked!
8) Huge groove on this, with Dimebag Darrel playing lead guitar, and he rips. Sounds killer, very old school Anthrax styled. I dig it.
9) Extreme thrash-fest that wastes no time to get to its best part, the chorus that sounds in-fucking-credible! It’s not Anthrax, it’s a death metal band with some black metal overtones. This is heavier than anything. Oh, and bow down before the amazing bass and drums, you unworthy fools.
10) Hahahahahaaaaa, this is fucking priceless. Worth the price of admission just for the fucking intro. Oh, I can’t stop laughing, it’s so good. The intro is a message Dimebag left on one of these guys’ answering machine. It’s FCC charged, so don’t play it, but listen to it on your spare time, it’s just so funny. “Yo, G-Money...” hahahaha, the song is really good too. Some sort of Southern blues/rock influenced ditty, but the band makes it sound real tight.
11) Roger Daltrey sings on this one (“Who?” – “That’s right”). Great song, but FCCs.
12) Minute-long weirdness, with Frank Bello on vocals, sounds, well, weird.
13) Melodic coolness incarnate. This is a great little tune. I like it ever so much. It has such a great message about God and religion; it makes me very happy.
14) Title track, this is a sick little puppy. Sick! Great riffs, great chorus, great solo, great everything. Impossible to dislike it, that’s all. Ends about 4:10 into the song, and is followed by 2 minutes of silence and a “bonus” song titled “Shaker”. You’ll understand when you hear it.

Track Listing
1. What Deosnt Die   7. Strap It on
2. Superhero   8. Black Dahlia
3. Rufuse to Be Denied   9. Cadillac Rock Box
4. Safe Home   10. Taking the Music Back
5. Any Place but Here   11. Think About An En
6. Nobody Knows Anything   12. W.C.F.Y.A