Curse of the Golden Vampire / Mass Destruction
Album: Mass Destruction   Collection:General
Artist:Curse of the Golden Vampire   Added:Jul 2003
Label:Ipecac Records  

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Album Review
Michael Howes
Reviewed 2003-11-03
Ouch. A combination of digital hardcore, noisy industrial music, dirty hiphop beats, and hard drum-n-bass. All bass heavy, all noisy, all aggressive. This is a new collaboration between Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Ice, God, Techno Animal) and Kevin Martin (Techno Animal, The Bug, etc). Harsh harsh stuff, which sounds like it’s mostly created with drum machines and vocals, but I did hear guitar a couple times and even sampled sax. A bit more of an obvious political tone than either persons previous outings.

1. Full on aggression with lots of mediocre screamed vocals fucking this, fucking that. The track breaks down into total noise a couple times.

**2. Guitar that sounds like sampled Napalm Death and then crushing digital hardcore beats over the top. Indecipherable vocals.

3. Slow, cheap, distorted hiphop beat which changes into an onslaught of fast drum-n-bass/dhc. Tracks ends sort of quiet for the last minute or so.

5. Slowed down vocals, then a big scream over an industrial march, more odd sounding vocals with harsh digital hardcore beats thrown in every once in a while. Sounds like sampled sax from God or Techno Animal.

**6. Another track with big heavy guitar that changes a lot. The end is completely brutal (well the last 15 seconds is almost silent).

7. More of a strange aggressive industrial sound. More sampled sax. A bit repetitive and multiple vocalists. Really fast drum machine beats in the 2nd half of the track.

8. Fast and hard but more straight forward drum-n-bass beats.

9. Odd regular beat with Godflesh sounding vocals.

10. Hmm, maybe I’m getting tired of listening to this sound but this sounds a lot like the last two track. Grinding industrial electronics with fast drum machine beats and screams.

**12. Grinding guitar (or bass), more standard drum-n-bass beats, and short vocal screams. 13. Vocals are sorta weak with a straight forward harsh beat. It’s like bouncing a rubber ball in a room with a hard floor and low ceiling.

14. Odd, noisy break with what seems like random short screams and then of course we get bombarded with a fast and noisy digital hardcore sound. 15. The Cd ends with a short track but it’s probably the fastest, noisiest, track on the disc for the first 30 seconds before it goes silent.
Good but not fully realized. -mph

Track Listing
1. Total Annihilation of Self   8. Vermin
2. Parasite   9. Manslaughter
3. Iron Ghetto Man Crusher   10. End Civilization
4. The Myth of Democracy   11. Sewer Life
5. Murderer   12. State Rape
6. United Snakes of America   13. Insecticide
7. Mind Vs Body   14. Oil Money
  15. Random Act of Senseless Viol